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How to Pack Pallets Efficiently?

Apr. 30, 2021

As a Pallet Packaging Machine Supplier, share with you. Whether you are a small food manufacturing company or a large logistics company, there are solutions for companies of any size.

Your choices are divided into two camps, one is manual and the other is using pallet packaging machines. Deciding what to do depends on your operation and what you want to achieve. If only a few pallets are packed each month, it may be more cost-effective to pack the pallets by hand. However, if you need more operations and at the same time you need to reduce costs while improving loading integrity/packing speed, then the pallet packaging machine will be the ideal choice.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

Below we will introduce the first three options.

1. Manual

The first option is to use pallet hand wrap film to wrap your pallet by hand. The film is manually wrapped around the pallet by an employee, and then the film is hovered on the pallet. Distributors can be used to simplify tasks and try to encourage consistent packaging. For companies that send a small number of pallets every month, this solution may be the ideal choice. Although the number of employees is high in the operation process, the addition of machinery and equipment can bring about huge changes.

2. Mobile pallet packaging machine

The mobile walking pallet packaging machine is a portable machine capable of packaging pallets up to 2 meters high. It can hold various types of film and makes packing the tray very easy for the operator. The packaging paper has a small footprint, so it is easy to store, and it also reduces the fatigue of the operator, and does not need to be bent and stretched. It can also improve the overall quality of packaged pallets and reduce film waste.

Place for pallet packaging outdoors

Where pallet packaging is required in multiple locations, it is forbidden to provide electrical energy to multiple fixed packaging stations. In this case, in addition to the stationary pallet packaging machine closer to the power source, a mobile pallet packaging machine can also be used.

3. Use semi-automatic or fully automatic pallet packaging machine

Semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet packaging machines are fixed machines used to perform stretch packaging of pallets. The goods are brought to the turntable, and then the machine wraps the pallet in a film.

There are many models to choose from, and the packaging speed is 25 to 180 pallets per hour. You can choose the best machine according to current and future needs.

Through manual packaging, the automatic pallet packaging machine will reduce the cost of packaging pallets, while increasing packaging speed and improving loading safety. On the traditional turntable machine, only one person can operate the machine; on the fully automatic system, the task is actually no operator, so that the worker can perform other valuable tasks, and because they eliminate manual With many bending and lifting related to the package, health and safety has been greatly improved.

Facts have proved that pallet wrapping paper can reduce the use of film, and the material cost/film consumption of some companies has been greatly reduced, and the stability of the transportation load has been improved.

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