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4 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Pallet Wrapping Machine

Sep. 29, 2018

1. What is the current and projected production level?

Production levels are important to help determine the right machine. Different tray packaging machines provide different top revolutions per minute. The number of revolutions per minute and total package required for each load will take into account the maximum production level of the machine.

2. Does each pallet need to be weighed?

Choosing a pallet wrapping machine with a scale is much cheaper than choosing to add a scale after receiving the machine. Determining weighing requirements before purchase is important to any company. Other questions that should be considered are the maximum weight required for the scale and the weight receipt that needs to be printed.

3. What is the largest size film that will run?

The standard machine stretch film is 20 inches wide. There are a variety of stretch film options available in 20-inch wide machine stretch films. Companies can find different thicknesses.

In order to run a larger film, the film carriage on the pallet wrapper needs to accommodate the size of the film being used. Buying a machine with an adjustable film holder reduces headaches after receiving the machine.

4. What color stretch film will be used?

It is important to determine if the film used is transparent or colored. It is also important to determine whether the packaged product is black or transparent. These factors will determine the type of photo-eye required for the tray package.

5. What type of environment is the machine placed in?

The external environment around the machine can affect performance. Machines placed in refrigerated rooms often require different lubricants. Machines placed in high dust areas sometimes require extra lids and protection. In High humidity environment may require more frequent maintenance. Be sure to determine the type of environment before purchasing.

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