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Some Questions to Ask Before Buying A Stretch Wrap Machine

Sep. 28, 2018

Before spending thousands of bucks on a stretch wrapping machine you need to ask 3 questions about the pallet loads being shipped out.

1. What are the greatest and smallest pallets that will be wrapped?

Knowing length x width x height x weight of those pallets being wrapped can help to ensure the machine will accommodate everything. Pallets too long can strike the machine when rotating. Pallets overly tall might not be fully wrapped. Pallets too brief may not be seen by the machine photo-eye.

Most pallets over 30-36 inches, it should be able to be observed by stretch machine photo eyes. If the pallet is too short it will never register in auto mode to begin wrapping. The machine mast elevation will establish the maximum height the machine can wrap. If the pallet is taller than the film carriage will reach, the load will not be fully wrapped.

The very best way to guarantee the pallet being wrapped is not overly big for the machine is by figuring out the pallet diagonal.

2. Is the product being wrapped black?

Most semi-automatic stretch wrap machines utilize picture eyes to determine when to stop on top of a pallet load. The photo-eye shoots out a beam of light which bounces off the product and returns to the picture eye. Any dark products or quite dark products absorb the light beam is sent from the photographing eye, not letting them return. This produces the photo-eye not register the pallet that is in front of it.

There are photo eye alternatives for wrapping darker pallets. Black photograph eyes are created for wrapping darker objects. Lasers shoot out a laser beam that does not need to return back to it. They can work for pallets with gaps in them such as pipes or pallets with missing boxes.

3. How will pallets be loaded onto the machine?

Pallets have to get loaded onto the machine turntable for wrapping to begin. Normally, pallets are filled by either forklift or pallet jacks. If pallet jacks are being used a ramp is required. A pallet jack ramp makes it possible for workers to put pallets onto the machine by hand. Electric pallet jacks can require customized ramps on account of the size and necessity of a larger porch or horizontal place on the ramp. Be sure to find out the appropriate ramp if one is required for buying.

We have posted our stretch wrap machine information online. We highly recommend for anybody buying a stretch wrap machine to look at a few of the further questions on it to make sure the chosen machine will be the ideal solution. If you have questions about stretch wrapping machine's price, welcome to contact us!

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