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Cautions When Using SMARTWASP Wrapping Machine

Oct. 18, 2021

Automatic pallet wrappers can improve the efficiency of your processes and they can even eliminate some of the risks inherent in manually wrapping goods. However, as with any machine, they do bring their own safety hazards. It is therefore important to use best practice when installing and operating these machines.

SMARTWASP tells you some safety points to keep in mind when using our pallet wrappers.

Don't overload

Firstly, do not use the unit to wrap loads that are too large for its turntable. When wrapping an oversized load, the sides of the tray overhanging the turntable may strike the base of the wrapping machine, potentially causing damage to both the machine and the load. This, of course, also poses a risk to nearby employees.

Keep away from dust

Over time, fumes, dust and other airborne debris may interfere with the pallet wrapping machine's ability to operate.  It is therefore best to keep them in an area with clean air and good ventilation.

Regular maintenance

Pallet wrappers require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Recommended preventive maintenance tasks include.

Lubrication, gearbox oil changes, efficiency tests, monitoring line voltage/current readings and recalibration. These tasks should normally be carried out quarterly but ultimately depend on the level of use of your machine and the conditions of your facility.

Caution When Using SMARTWASP Wrapping Machine

Project Pujie--Smart Wasp X300

Switch off the power

As with many heavy equipment, it is always a good habit to ensure that your stretch wrapping machine is powered off when not in use. Not only will this save power to your facility, but it will also reduce the risk of the machine accidentally starting up when someone is in the vicinity.

Likewise, any time you need to service your machine, turn it off.

Level ground

The first tip is to ensure that it is installed in a good, firm position. The floor should be flat and firm. If it is soft or uneven, there is a risk of the packer tipping over and it may affect its ability to operate as intended.

Keep the area clean

Finally, keep the machine and surrounding area clean. Where possible, the machine should be cleaned daily and debris should be kept away from the turntable and nearby floor space. Doing so will keep your stretch wrapping machine running smoothly while minimising the risk of workers tripping and falling.

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