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How to Choose the Best Pallet Packaging Machine?

Apr. 06, 2021

If you are overwhelmed by the market selection of Pallet Packaging Machines, please follow this simple guide to choose the right packaging machine for your business. You may already have a basic understanding of the working principle of the packaging machine, but it makes sense to carefully consider the details of the production line, so you choose the right solution.

There are three main options:

Roller-stretch packaging system, used to put the package on the roller. It rotates to spread the packaging film.

Advantages: stable load and low to medium productivity.

Swivel Arm-Use the raised arm to stretch the wrapping paper. It rotates around the load to apply the film, so you don't have to rotate the load.

Advantages: high-speed packaging of lighter, fragile, heavier and unstable goods.

Stretch covering technology-can be used to fix various pallet loads.

Benefits: Prevent moisture and ultraviolet rays, as well as the danger of transferring goods.

Pallet Packaging Machines

Pallet Packaging Machines

Ask yourself the following points:

What is my pallet packaging goal?

You can choose manual packaging, Automatic Pallet Packaging or semi-automatic pallet packaging. They differ in terms of safety, production and consistency. Choosing the right product for your business will maximize your return on investment. You want to prove your business in the future, so this will not be wasted. Compared with today, how many products do you plan to pack in five to ten years?

By determining your potential growth, you will be able to calculate whether there is enough output to ensure the use of automatic pallet packaging machines. The temporary option of semi-automatic stretch wrapping paper may be sufficient to meet your requirements.

What load do I have to handle?

The size, weight and variability of the goods you want to pack will affect the pallet packaging machine you choose. Variable height goods may need to be wrapped horizontally on rails to ensure they are adequately secured on the pallet. Stable, lightweight cargo will be used with rotating wrapping paper. Unstable and heavy loads will require rotating arm machines. There really is no one-size-fits-all solution-you need the right machine to meet your specific needs.

What function do I need?

Certain features may be necessary for your specific product. The pallet wrapper comes with many customizable options, so it’s worth choosing carefully-it may change the rules of the game. Some options for semi-automatic or automatic packaging machines include:

The machine has an electric pre-stretching function to minimize film consumption. The only manual step is to cut the film and paste it on the tray.

A machine that can pack cargo pallets and use as a stand-alone workstation. They are started by remote control, but can also be integrated into the production line.

A machine that wraps the packaged goods and turns them over to keep the goods stable. During this process, they do not need any manual intervention.

A machine with a film dispenser for dust-proof or rain-proof coating of trays.

Other practical considerations to consider include:

What is the height of the product and what is the size of the item you want to pack?

Do you want to install the scale on the pallet wrapper?

If using a forklift or pallet elevator, do I need a ramp to load pallets?

Do you have space constraints that require you to choose ultra-low machines that do not require longer slopes?

If you suffer damage during transportation, what can you do to minimize it?

What pallet size do you use?

How high do you stack your products? What is the maximum pallet load?

Cooperating with Pallet Packaging Suppliers, we can build the best offline packaging solution for your business according to your process, space constraints and output. 

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