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Do You Know the Pallet Packing Machine?

Mar. 22, 2021

The Pallet Packaging Machine is used to manually wrap the packaging materials on the pallet. The pallet winding packaging machine is suitable for outer packaging of items stacked on the pallet.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine


A Stretch Wrap Machine that manually winds packaging materials on a pallet. The pallet wrapping machine is suitable for outer packaging of items stacked on the pallet.

Packaging object

Carton packaging, paper bag packaging, bottle packaging, can packaging, barrel packaging, building block packaging, packaging for irregular objects, etc.


Its advantages are that it replaces the packaging effect that cannot be achieved by manual operation, is convenient to operate, greatly improves production efficiency, and reduces labor intensity of workers. The packaging effect is neat, beautiful and strong. It can prevent dust and moisture, protect the surface of the product, and facilitate the transportation and packaging of items.


1. The wrapping layer and number of turns can be set

2. Set the photoelectric probe to automatically measure the height

3. Can display working status or fault content

4. It has the function of frequency conversion and speed regulation, which can change the degree of overlap of the packaging tape

5. Swivel automatic reset

6. Can be equipped with slopes

7. Can be formulated for production line roller table

In addition, the company also provides robot packaging machines and Fully Automatic Packaging Machines, please feel free to contact us if necessary

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