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Correct Operation Steps Of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Oct. 18, 2018

Let's take a look at the correct steps for the pallet wrapping machine.

1. Lower the tray shelf of the pallet stretch wrapping machine to the lower limit. Place the pallet wrapper wrapping machine on the rotary table of the wrapping machine (as far as the center of the turntable is concerned). Roll the wrapping machine of the tray wrapping machine on the reel seat and wear the good film as required. Winding film bolt in the bottom of the goods press the "automatic start" button, the automatic operation began, turntable began to rotate, the film was pulled out, while the turntable began to count, bottom winding is done first.

2. The number of bottom circles is completed, and the membrane rack begins to rise.

3. When the membrane rack rises to the top of the cargo (or upper limit), it begins to wind around the top, and the turntable starts counting.

4. If the number of top circles is completed, if the number is zero, the automatic operation will end; if the number is one~nine, the membrane rack will begin to decline.

5. The bottom of the membrane is lowered (the lower limit), the number of up and down is increased by one.

6. This way, the packaging process is completed when the number of values reaches the minimum value.

7. Manually break the membrane and wrap the pallet wrapping machine film on the goods.

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