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Three Common Problems With Stretch Wrapper

Oct. 15, 2018

Finding the right pallet wrapper for your specific application is essential to the overall success of the packaging line. Let's take a look at three common problems with pallet wrapper.

1. What is a stretch wrapper?

A stretch wrapper is used in various manufacturing programs to apply a stretch wrap film about a pallet or other item. Stretch wrappers are available to suit various applications, products and volumes. Broadly speaking, stretch wrappers can be split into two major categories: automatic and semi.

2. How does Stretch Film work?

Stretch film can be applied through hand wrap or employing a stretch wrap system. The latter offers the capacity to extend the film to a consistent tension-called pre-stretch -that offers the appropriate quantity of power to a load.

Using a stretch wrap machine, the stretch film moves through two rollers (secondary and primary ) where the second roller is quicker than the original, thus extending the film to the appropriate strength.

Once the pre-stretched film is placed on the load, it wants to go back to its initial form. This is called a film memory. The elasticity of stretch film-and its own urge to return to its original type- is exactly what keeps pallet loads together throughout transport. That's why the pre-stretch is so important.

3. How many loads per day would justify buying a Stretch Film Wrapping Machine?

An investment in a stretch wrap machine is an investment in much more than a bit of equipment. An operation packaging as few as 10 loads every day can justify purchasing a stretch wrapper. Hand wrap is really a tedious, time-consuming and often injury-inducing process. A stretch wrap machine provides the consistent output, a special package, and increased security on the packing floor.

Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

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