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How to Do when the Packaging Machine is Broken?

Aug. 26, 2022

1, the film guide slot part of the failure:


Film can not bite into the upper pillow packaging machine hot rollers, or from the hot rollers or both ends are not flush.


Reason 1: Film, guide slot, longitudinal seal roller and horizontal seal roller center is not in a straight line.


Reason 2: Film guide slot is too tilted.


Reason 3: The speed of the eccentric sprocket of the horizontal sealing roller is out of order.


Adjustment method I: The longitudinal seal pillow packaging machine roller pressure adjustment knob to the right, increase the pressure, so that the film thickness by stretching, but it should be noted that too much stretching can not be sealed.


Adjustment method 2: Reduce the pressure of the longitudinal heat sealing roller, the pressure is too large film can not be clamped into, there may be extrusion.


Adjustment method 3: Longitudinal sealing rollers clamped into the amount of more than usual, generally in 7MM should be clamped into 10MM.


Adjustment method 4: Through the pillow packaging machine above adjustments if the ends are still not flush, the film beyond the side of the guide slot to make it bend inward.


Adjustment method 5: The film guide slot centerline error, poor manufacturing should be replaced.


2, cutting knife parts failure.


Can not cut the film.


Reason 1: Moving knife and fixed knife gap is not well adjusted.


Adjustment method: there are two short tensioning screws bolts on the outside of the fixed knife, there are two long compression screws bolts on the outside of the fixed knife, when the knife edge of the moving knife near the fixed knife by the two knives to cut off the film, two pillow packaging machine knife edge gap to 1/100MM to the best, the two upper knife tip slightly contact can be, so that the tip of the knife often remain parallel, adjusting while the hand will be clamped into the film cut off, while adjusting, should be installed when cutting knife Clutch disengagement.


Reason 2: Cutting knife edge broken broken small with oil stone togetherness grinding, broken large with grinding machine repair.


Reason 3: Bad installation of the cutting knife, cutting knife clutch clutch is not good, positioning key disconnected.


Solution: Check all parts carefully and fasten again.


How to Do when the Packaging Machine is Broken?

3, cross-seal heat roller failure: sealing bad.


Reason: bad thermal adjustment, insufficient or uneven pressure of pushing spring.


Adjustment method: Suitable pressure and temperature should be selected according to the thickness and type of packaging materials used. Cross-seal rollers left and right with pressure adjustment knob, each adjustment knob and by pushing the pillow packaging machine knob and pull button, if only push button is too much pressure on the hot rollers, easy to cause bad sealing, so the appropriate use of push button and pull button, cross-seal hot rollers with two adjustment knob is to prevent uneven horizontal force to adjust the use.


4, turntable part failure: the packaged goods mixed into the heat sealing parts.


Reason 1: The bagging time is not coordinated with the heat sealing time.


Solution: The gear connected with the turntable is a duplex gear, push the duplex gear upward to change the engagement so that its materials do not fall down when sealing, the ideal down time is set after the lateral sealing of the particles into the bag, do not easily change after proper adjustment.


Reason 2: Packaging speed is too fast, the material landing time long clip material, appropriate to reduce the packaging speed.


5, it has been adjusted to set the time of the material, again out of order.


Reason: The turntable is poorly fixed, the key and fixing screws are loose, or the fixed position is not correct, and the opener inside the turntable is poorly opened and closed.


Repair and adjustment: the turntable will be fixed in the correct position in the pillow packaging machine, re-key and screw fixing. Adjust the opening and closing mechanism of the opener to the correct position after the opener is fixed. In addition, in the loading of very small particles of powder, or extremely different specific gravity of the mixture, the bag takes a long time to fill, thus causing the powder to bite into the sealing part, when the packaging speed should be slightly slower, so that the number of revolutions to fit the performance of the packaged material.


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How to Do when the Packaging Machine is Broken?

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