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Is It Worthwhile to Automate Pallet Wrapping?

Nov. 28, 2022

Automating stretch wrapping machines can save time and cost. But not all companies are suitable for pallet packaging automation. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of automated pallets and several aspects to understand whether it is worth switching from manual pallet wrapping to automatic pallet wrapping machines.

Automating stretch wrapping machine

Automating stretch wrapping machine

Advantages of automated pallet packing

1. High productivity

Manual packaging in a production line is not very efficient for high-volume manufacturers. While the rest of your production line may be pumping out finished goods ready for palletizing, workers at the end of the line are literally spinning in place to reach their targets.

Automation of end-of-line packaging solutions can dramatically increase productivity. Even a small upgrade to a semi-automatic pallet wrapper has the potential to see a 100% or more increase.

2. More protection

Automated pallet wrappers can protect and secure products more tightly and consistently. The human body cannot consistently apply uniform stretching forces and provide proper load control, especially due to fatigue and conscious errors. This opportunity for human error often leads to double-checking the proper pallet container before loading each pallet onto a truck for transport. Ensuring that everything is wrapped safely over and over again greatly reduces productivity on the factory floor. 

3. High potential

The packaging potential of automated pallet wrappers is even greater. Automated pallets can save considerable film usage through the ability to pre-stretch each roll of stretch film while maintaining safe load control.

Upgrading to automated packaging can save an average of 25-40% on film costs due to more reliable load control and higher pre-stretch.

This is enough to justify the capital investment in automation.

4. Economic benefits

The actual cost of shipping damage due to improperly secured goods is not uncommon. Automated pallet packaging can significantly reduce the load damage you face because of its consistency and reliability in securing loads. In the long run, packaging automation can save you money in terms of film usage and labor, and load damage.

automated pallet packing

automated pallet packing

Should I use a pallet wrapper?

The following Q&A questions can help you decide if you should use a pallet wrapper.

1. What is the weekly output requirement?

If more than 50 pallets are sent out per week, you may see a return on your investment within a year, more or less.

2. How much do you spend on stretch films each month?

You can achieve an average of 250% or more pre-stretch on film with an automatic wrapper, saving film costs simply by upgrading automation.

3. How much do you spend on damaged goods each quarter?

Find out how much of the load damage is directly related to load control or moving pallet loads.

4. How long does each pallet take from loading to placement in the shipping truck?

Add the employee's salary to this equation and consider it as the cost of damaged goods. Don't forget to add any injury costs associated with packaging.

Consider these factors and calculate how long it will take you to see the ROI of automation while deciding whether to switch from manual pallet wrapping to automated pallet wrappers.

Do you want to learn more about automated pallet wrapping? Feel free to contact us for expert advice.

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