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What Do You Use a Pallet Wrapper For?

Nov. 28, 2022

There are many benefits to using a pallet wrapping machine in your packaging facility, from improved production to increased protection of your product. To give you a better understanding of stretch-wrapping machines, this article will cover everything you need to know about stretch-wrapping machines and their uses.

Standard pallet winder turntable

Standard pallet winder turntable

1. What is a pallet wrapping machine?

A pallet wrapping machine is a device that automatically wraps a pallet with a stretch wrap to keep the product inside the pallet from being damaged. The main purpose of stretch wrapping is to make products easier to transport in bulk and to protect individual products from damage during transport so they reach their destination intact.

2. Types of packaging machines

When it comes to stretch wrapping machines, there are many different options when it comes to design and functionality.

Standard pallet winder turntable

The standard pallet wrap machine is equipped with a turntable, which is a circular rotating platform that turns in a circle as it dispenses the stretch film and applies it to the pallet load. This wrapper is perfect for most applications and is extremely versatile.

In-Line Automatic Pallet Winder

The in-line automatic pallet wrapper has a rotating arm. A mechanical arm that rotates around the pallet and wraps it is the key feature of the rotary arm stretch wrapper. This wrapper is ideal for loads at both ends of the weight range. Whether the load is super light or super heavy, the swivel arm fits perfectly.

In-Line Automatic Pallet Winder

In-Line Automatic Pallet Winder

3. Working principle of the wrapping machine

The way a stretch wrapping machine works depends on whether the machine is semi-automatic or automatic.


Semi-automatic stretch wrappers require the operator to be present to load and unload the trays, and if required, the machine needs to be manually adjusted throughout the process.


The automatic stretch wrapper does all the work automatically. It transports the pallets to the wrapping area via a roller conveyor. Once the machine has finished wrapping the pallet, it sends it along the exit conveyor to the end of the packaging line. The next pallet is transferred to the packing area and the process is repeated.

4. Why use a pallet wrapping machine?

Hand wrapping is a very inefficient and unreliable method, and in the long run, it will cost more than buying and operating stretch wrapping machinery would. There are several reasons for this, which we will discuss below.

Machines are more reliable than humans

Employees will inevitably make mistakes and may also have difficulty wrapping with the right amount of force or end up using unnecessary stretch wraps. Machines, on the other hand, will use the right amount of restraint and stretch wraps every time. When the correct amount of containment force is applied, the machine ensures that your product remains safe during transport and arrives safely at its destination.

More Stretch

Machine wrapping can give you anywhere from 200% to 300%. High-quality stretch film can be obtained with a much stronger pre-stretch. This is something you can't achieve with manual stretching. So by automating the stretch wrapping process, you'll save money on film purchases.

In short, wrapping machines are faster, more reliable, more cost-effective, and a better alternative to hand-wrapping loads.

If you are planning to switch from manual packaging to machine packaging, your business can benefit from the pallet wrapping machines offered by Smart Wasp Intelligent Technology(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. You can always browse our website to learn about the quality pallet wrappers and stretch wraps we sell, and feel free to contact us with questions.

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