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What Should I Choose, New or Used Pallet Wrapping Machine?

Sep. 13, 2021

Smart pallet wrappers are an integral part of any shipping operation. They reduce physical labor, increase efficiency, and can reduce product loss during shipping. When it comes time to purchase one for your facility, you can buy a new one from a manufacturer or distributor, or find someone to sell a used one. 

Smart pallet machine manufacturer SMARTWASP shares more information about new versus used pallet wrappers.

Used pallet wrapping machines

The biggest advantage of buying a used stretch wrap machine is the initial cost. Depending on the model, the price can be 30% to 60% of a new product. For many businesses, this is a huge selling point. 

However, if you are in the market for a used pallet wrapping machine, there are several things to keep in mind.


If your used machine breaks down, your repair options may be somewhat limited. First, parts need to be in stock. For many older or discontinued models, this is a major challenge.

If a breakdown occurs, you will also need to find someone with the experience and expertise to install replacement parts. This adds to the overall downtime as you now have to wait for a technician to arrive on site. 

Warranty Policy

Used pallet wrappers are likely to no longer come with the original manufacturer's warranty. The older the machine, the more risk the buyer takes. It becomes a guessing game as to whether a used pallet wrapper is nearing the end of its useful life and how well it was cared for by the previous owner.

Total Cost

Another major factor to consider when purchasing a used pallet wrapper is the total cost of ownership. While you will save money immediately by purchasing a new product, maintenance, repairs and associated downtime can add up quickly. While third-party companies can service pallet wrappers, the overall cost can quickly add up beyond what you would pay for a new wrapper.



New wrapping machines

The only real drawback to buying a new machine compared to buying a used machine is the price. However, this selling point is quickly negated by the advantages presented by buying new versus used: the

New Technology

When you buy a new pallet wrapper, you get the latest and greatest in technology, better film efficiency and cycle flexibility. Other innovations include: lower film usage, an advanced control panel with more features, but also remote control options and easier loading options.


New pallet wrappers typically come with a 2-3 year warranty, depending on the machine. This greatly helps to reduce the total cost of ownership.


The new machines have self-diagnostic capabilities. For example, high-end models have sensor and machine status displays and limit switches for fail-safe wiring. Light curtain options prevent anyone from getting close to the machine while it is in use, and the electronics and sensors are more reliable and accurate. Newer machines often come with a wealth of available accessories, such as integrated scales for quick weighing of pallet loads.

Should you buy new or used?

With automation equipment, the engineering value provided by the manufacturer is not always reflected in the machine alone, and end users need to understand the context of their packaging environment to determine if a used machine is right for them.

The only real benefit of buying a used pallet shrink wrapper instead of a new machine is the lower upfront price. However, the total cost of ownership quickly overwhelms any initial savings. 

If you are still debating whether to buy a used machine or a new machine, then perhaps a new machine will be better for your organization in the long run. 

Used versus new equipment is a classic risk/reward decision, contact us to get a quote and choose your pallet wrapper wisely.

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