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SMART WASP Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine

Locating and Securing Device
Locating and Securing Device

    Double arm fasteners locate and secure the luggage. Automatic tightening, strong clamping device to ensure goods do not slide out.

Intelligent Touch Operating System
Intelligent Touch Operating System

    X-Line Touch Screen: our airport luggage wrapping machine is intuitionistic, easy to understand and operate.

    1. X-line IoT Technology: Intuitionistic, easy to operate.

    2.300% Pre-stretch Rate: The film can be stretched from 1m to 3.5m by our wrapping machine, which can more save cost.

    3. Photoelectric sensor: Through the height of photoelectric sensor induction wrapping, more intelligent and faster.

Saving Film Consumption

    300% pre-stretch rate
    Maximize the value of each meter of stretch luggage film

    Standard constant releasing film

    Fixed-point wrapping and quantitative consume film

Weighing Scale Optional

    The weighing device of the Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine is optional and can be equipped according to customers' requirements. Help users know the weight of each case exactly.

    Contact us to discuss specific details.

An advanced pallet wrapping machine with intelligent features is now available in the market, providing the latest technology for efficient and effective pallet wrapping. This intelligent pallet wrapping machine comes equipped with an automatic film changing system that ensures continuous operation without interruption. Additionally, the airport luggage wrapping machine boasts AI-powered wrapping patterns that enable optimal wrapping and load stability. Moreover, this automated pallet wrapping machine has intelligent sensors that detect irregularities in the wrapping process, ensuring quality control. The airport luggage wrapping machine also has remote monitoring and control capabilities, making it easier to manage and maintain. Furthermore, an innovative pallet wrapping machine is available that offers intelligent load stabilization features to ensure that the load remains secure during transportation. Lastly, this airport luggage wrapping machine has multiple wrapping modes, providing enhanced flexibility and options for different types of pallets and loads.

Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine Technical Data


Smart Wasp



Turntable diameter

500 mm

Minimum wrapping height


Column height

1280 mm

Wrapping force


Pre-stretch rate


Film diameter




Turntable speed




Up/down speed


Travel switch


Film speed




Machine weight




Load weight

Maximum 50KG

Machine size


Total power


Key Features of Luggage Wrapping Machine:

● Security and Durability: Our machine wraps your luggage in a robust protective film, guarding it against scratches, scuffs, and potential damages.

● Tamper-Proof Technology: Rest assured knowing that our wrapping technology prevents unauthorized access, with visible evidence of any interference for enhanced security.

● Efficient and Swift Operation: Experience a hassle-free and swift luggage wrapping process with our state-of-the-art technology, designed to handle various luggage sizes efficiently.

● Affordable Protection: Ensure the longevity of your travel gear without breaking the bank. Our affordable luggage wrapping service provides effective protection without a hefty price tag.

● Personalized Choices: Tailor your wrapping experience with our variety of film colors and thickness options. Choose a style that matches your preferences while ensuring top-tier protection.

How to choose an intelligent pallet-wrapping machine

Choosing the right Airport Wrapping Machine is essential to ensure that your business is productive, efficient, and cost-effective. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an Airport Wrapping Machine:

● Wrapping speed: Look for a machine that can wrap pallets quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime and improve productivity.

● Load capacity: Consider the size and weight of the loads that you typically wrap, and choose a machine that can handle them.

● Wrapping patterns and modes: Check if the machine has AI-powered wrapping patterns and multiple wrapping modes to provide flexibility and optimize load stability.

● Film changing system: Choose a machine with an automatic film changing system to ensure continuous operation and reduce the need for manual intervention.

● Intelligent sensors: Look for a machine with intelligent sensors that can detect irregularities in the wrapping process to ensure quality control.

● Remote monitoring and control: Consider a machine with remote monitoring and control capabilities, making it easier to manage and maintain the machine.

● Load stabilization features: Look for a machine with intelligent load stabilization features that ensure that the load remains secure during transportation.

● Cost and ROI: Determine your budget for the machine and consider the expected return on investment (ROI) to make an informed decision.

By considering these factors, you can choose a Luggage Wrapper Machine that best fits your business needs and ensures that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. What are you waiting for, contact us now to purchase.

Advantages of using an intelligent pallet wrapping machine

● Improved productivity: An Airport Luggage Machine can wrap pallets quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and effort required for manual wrapping.

● Consistency and quality: The use of AI-powered wrapping patterns and intelligent sensors ensures that the wrapping process is consistent and of high quality, reducing the risk of damage during transportation.

● Enhanced load stability: An Airport Luggage Machine can provide optimal load stability, reducing the risk of product damage during transportation and improving safety.

● Cost savings: By reducing the need for manual labor, an Airport Suitcase Machine can help save costs associated with labor, film usage, and product damage.

● Flexibility: The use of multiple wrapping modes and load stabilization features in an Airport Suitcase Machine can provide greater flexibility to accommodate different pallet sizes and load types.

● Remote monitoring and control: With remote monitoring and control capabilities, a Baggage Wrapping Machine can be managed and maintained more efficiently, reducing downtime and repair costs.

● Sustainable operations: A Baggage Wrapping Machine can help reduce waste by optimizing the amount of film used during the wrapping process, contributing to more sustainable operations.

Custom Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine

Designed to wrap luggage and related items for security purpose in airport setting. Film provides extra support while the luggage is being transport to protect them from being damaged. And the plastic and closing label avoid wrong taking.

Custom Airport Luggage Wrapping Machines are available in a range of solutions that cater to various business needs. Some of the common solutions available are:

★Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines: These machines require minimal manual intervention and are suitable for businesses that require a moderate level of automation.

Fully automatic pallet wrapping machines: These machines offer complete automation and are ideal for businesses with high-volume pallet wrapping needs.

Robotic pallet wrapping machines: These machines use robotics technology for efficient pallet wrapping and are ideal for businesses with unique or complex pallet wrapping needs.

★Mobile pallet wrapping machines: These machines are portable and can be moved to different locations, making them ideal for businesses with variable pallet wrapping requirements.

Customized pallet wrapping machines: These machines are tailored to meet specific business requirements and can be designed to fit unique pallet sizes or other customization needs.

★Integrated pallet wrapping solutions: These solutions integrate the pallet wrapping machine with other equipment, such as conveyor systems, to create a seamless and efficient workflow.

Cloud-based pallet wrapping solutions: These solutions provide remote monitoring and control capabilities through cloud-based software, allowing businesses to manage their pallet wrapping operations from anywhere.

Overall, businesses can choose from a range of intelligent pallet wrapping machine solutions based on their needs, volume, and unique requirements. By selecting the right solution, businesses can optimize their pallet wrapping operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

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