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Packing Machine Safety Operation Regulations

Sep. 10, 2020

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the air pressure meets the requirements, check whether the main components are intact, such as cutters, packaging film, etc., usually check whether there are other people in the dangerous parts of the machine to ensure the safety after starting.

2. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, set and check the temperature on each thermostat, and install the Film Wrapper.

3. First adjust the bag and check the coding effect, turn on the quantity of materials supplied by the feeding system, when the materials meet the requirements, turn on the bag making first, and check the sealing effect and heat sealing quality at the same time.

4. When carrying out Pallet Wrapper, check the quality of the product at any time, such as whether the basic requirements of the heat-sealing line, wrinkles, weight, quantity, etc. are qualified, and adjust it at any time if there is any problem.

Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine

5. Operators are not allowed to adjust the operating parameters of the machine at will. If adjustments are required and the main person in charge of the machine applies, ensure that the operating parameters of the equipment are controlled during the production process to ensure normal production and product quality.

6. If there is a problem in the production process, the machine should be shut down immediately to deal with the problem. It is strictly forbidden to deal with the problem during the operation of the Packaging Machine to prevent safety accidents.

7. Operators can only operate the touch screen lightly with their hands. It is strictly forbidden to press or knock the touch screen with fingertips or other hard objects. Damage to the touch screen due to improper operation will be compensated at the price.

8. The operator packs the cleanliness of the machine at any time, and regularly lubricates the main parts of the machine. Regular maintenance can extend the service life of the machine.

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