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Features And Advantages Of Stretch Film Packaging Machine

Sep. 04, 2020

Features of stretch film wrapping machine:

1. Advanced control system

This series of Packaging Machine adopts German Siemens touch screen, PLC and stepping control system, equipped with original German Pushu vacuum pump. The whole machine is intelligently adjusted through the man-machine interface, with high stepping precision, coordinated actions and high degree of automation.

2. Complete functions

(1) Color film or light film coating form can be selected on the same equipment;

(2) Automatic coding/spraying system can be equipped according to user's product packaging requirements;

(3) The equipment is equipped with a phase-failure protection system, a leakage protection system, and a phase sequence protection system to avoid equipment damage caused by power outages, leakage and manual operation errors, and at the same time protect the personal safety of operators;

(4) The equipment is equipped with an automatic correction system for the upper and lower molds, and the computer automatically senses the precise direction of the film and the bottom film, and timely adjusts the uneven winding end surface of the film material during the production process, so that the product packaging appearance is more perfect, while avoiding the film material waste.

Stretch Film

Stretch Film

Advantages of Stretch Film Wrapping Machine:

1. The photoelectric system is adopted, and color cover film or light film can be used for packaging, which reduces costs and improves product quality.

2. The equipment adopts a combined mold, which is easy to replace, one machine has multiple functions, and the mold has a cooling system.

3. It can be equipped with automatic coding or coding system according to user's product packaging requirements.

4. According to the user's product packaging requirements, nitrogen or mixed gas can be filled on the basis of vacuuming.

5. Equipped with imported Puxu environmentally friendly vacuum pump with high vacuum, stable quality, durable and reliable.

6. Equipped with corner waste recycling system to maintain environmental sanitation

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