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What Are the Pallet Materials on Wrapping Packaging Machines

Dec. 29, 2021

The automatic stretch wrap wrapping machine, a newly developed pallet wrap single machine based on the current market demand, is suitable for goods wrapped in a wrap around film after pallet palletizing. The automatic pallet wrapping machine produced by SMARTWASP prevents products from falling apart, increases the packaging efficiency, improves the packaging effect and increases the added value of the products. After placing the goods on the turntable it automatically displays the weight of the goods.

Let's see what materials are used to make pallets.

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are the oldest and most widely used type of pallet. Over 90% of pallets in China are wooden pallets. The biggest advantage of wooden pallets is the easy availability of materials, simple and convenient processing and low cost. 

What Are the Pallet Materials on Wrapping Packaging Machines

Aluminum Ring System with Double Film Carriage

Paper pallets

As an important alternative to wood, paper pallets have always been valued. Currently the more commonly used paper pallets are corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and pulp moulded pallets. However, corrugated cardboard pallets are generally not a substitute for wooden pallets, but are used as secondary pallets. 

All-paper pallets made of honeycomb cardboard have emerged as an alternative to wooden pallets and are already in common use in China.A number of Chinese machinery manufacturers have introduced honeycomb paper core production lines and pallets made from honeycomb cardboard are mainly used in the packaging of daily necessities and home appliances.  The biggest advantage of paper pallets is that they meet environmental requirements and can open up a "green channel" for product exports. However, paper pallets are still inadequate in terms of moisture resistance and mechanical strength, and further improvements are needed to expand their application. 

Plastic pallet

The fastest growing and most promising market is the plastic pallet, the average annual renewal rate and growth rate in recent years are about 10%, of which the number of petrochemical, tobacco, food, pharmaceutical and transport industries using plastic pallets is multiplying.  Plastic pallets can be used repeatedly, are resistant to water and sunlight, save freight costs, facilitate open-air work and storage and do not need to occupy a swing warehouse. Compared with wooden pallets, the hardness and turnover rate is increased by 3-5 times, which meets the requirement of saving wood resources.

What Are the Pallet Materials on Wrapping Packaging Machines

Intelligent Touch Operating System

The pallet wrapping machine is suitable for container transport of large goods and packaging of bulk pallets, and is widely used in industries such as glass products, hardware tools, electronics and electrical appliances, paper making, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials, etc. SMARTWASP's automatic pallet wrapping machine can improve logistics efficiency, reduce losses during transport, and has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof and reduced packaging costs.

When choosing a winding machine it is important to pay attention to the diameter of the pallet. If you would like to know how to buy a winding machine, please consult us at today.

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