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Signs You Should Invest in a Stretch Wrapping Machine

Dec. 21, 2021

While a good pallet stretch wrapper costs thousands of dollars and it's often tempting to continue wrapping pallets by hand, did you know that machine wrapping is more cost effective in the long run? Here are some signs to look for when considering whether the time is right to buy a stretch wrap machine. If you notice one or more of these signs, then it may make sense to purchase a machine.  

Damage due to product tipping

There are many reasons why products can tip over during shipping. Some may be the wrong film, incorrect handling during shipping, improper pallet stacking, and improper pallet wrapping. When manually packing pallets, tipping is caused by improper packaging in the vast majority of cases.

Packing more than 15 pallets per day

This is not an exact number. We sell machines to companies that pack only a few pallets per day because they don't want to impose the physical labor required to pack pallets manually. We did consider the idea of 15+ pallet markers to start buying machines.

The machine would speed up the process and would also allow employees to push buttons and do other things while wrapping pallets.

Aluminum Ring System with Double Film Carriage

Horizontal Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

High stretch film costs

When manually wrapping pallets, employees rarely get the maximum stretch of the film. Failure to achieve the full stretch of the film can result in higher stretch film costs. If you can double the stretch of the film, you can cut your costs in half.

Hand-stretched films typically have 100% to 150% maximum stretch, while machine films can have 250% to 300% stretch. Over time, the film savings can be used to pay for the machine.

Excess working capital

Towards the end of the year, companies usually have a surplus of working capital. Purchasing a stretch wrap machine can be a great way to spend that excess budget. As mentioned above, stretch wrap machines can increase efficiency, reduce employment costs, reduce product loss and increase employee satisfaction.

If you've noticed any of these signs, it may be time to consider purchasing a stretch wrap machine.

Pallet loading height is too high

The first sign mentioned may not even apply if a high tray is wrapped all the time. Wrapping the tray above the user's head is very difficult. The ability to keep the roll high and achieve the required stretch rate to make the stretch film effective is very difficult.

Stretch wrappers eliminate this need and help ensure that workers load the goods on the pallet safely and in a timely and correct manner.

We would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you in more detail about a possible purchase. Please contact us for a solution.

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