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Precautions For Using Pallet Packaging Machine

Nov. 23, 2020

The pallet packaging machine is a simple and easy-to-operate multi-purpose winding machine. Although the operation is very simple, there are many points to pay attention to during use. The pallet packaging machine is a simple, easy-to-use and multiple-use winding machine for film packaging machines. Although the operation is very simple, there are many points to pay attention to during use. The Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturer will tell you what you should pay attention to.

1. The power supply of the Stretch Wrap Machine must be grounded. It must be done by professionals. If you don't know, you can consult the manufacturer of the winding machine. The staff should regularly check the wiring of the electrical cabinet and clean it regularly. When performing maintenance and inspection of the winding machine, be sure to cut off the power supply to ensure personal safety.

2. When the film frame of the pallet packaging machine is worn through the film, the emergency stop button must be pressed to avoid accidental operation of the clamp, otherwise unnecessary injuries may be caused. It is strictly prohibited to stand under the film rack or pile up debris to avoid accidents and affect the film rack. Normal ups and downs can also cause unnecessary damage to the film holder.

3. When placing pallets and other items on the pallet packaging machine, they should be placed as stably and steadily as possible to avoid damage to the winding machine tug due to being too heavy. Put the goods in the middle of the disc as much as possible, so that the tugboat is evenly stressed, prolong the service life, and rotate the disc. During this process, personnel must stand outside the rotating diameter of the winding machine disc, and do not step on the disc. If there are special circumstances, be sure to press the emergency stop button. The goods should be placed in the turntable as much as possible. If the cargo exceeds the turntable, it is easy to encounter staff standing near the turntable when rotating.

Pallet Packing Machine

Pallet Packing Machine

The turntable is mainly used to transport goods. If the turntable steel plate does not reach a certain thickness, it will easily cause deformation. Slight deformation of the turntable will wear the idler and cause the equipment to be used normally. Therefore, when choosing a winding machine, you must choose a winding machine with a thick turntable steel plate. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the turntable is less than 10mm and it will deform.

4. Regular overhaul, maintenance and maintenance of the chromatographic column chain. In particular, the double-chain transmission is more stable and reliable. The single chain not only has poor stability, but also has the risk of falling off the film frame if the chain is damaged or broken.

5. If the turntable is slow or slippery, please open the turntable motor cover, loosen the four connecting bolts on the speed reduction mounting plate, and then evenly adjust the two tension bolts clockwise and clockwise to achieve the required tension, and then rotate and tighten the four Connect bolts.

The Pallet Packing Machine is a universal machine because it is easy to operate, low in price and popular with people. If it can be maintained regularly during use, please pay attention to the maintenance. I believe that the pallet packaging machine will be of great help to customers. The above are the issues that should be paid attention to when using the pallet packaging machine. I hope everyone has to help.

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