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​Wrapping Machine Fault Detection

Nov. 30, 2020

As a Pallet Packaging Machine Manufacturer, we have the responsibility and obligation to provide you with problems caused by the use of the machine.

Common faults and troubleshooting of Winding Machine:

Lifting body does not lift

1. The limit switch is damaged or the turntable count formation switch: replace

2. The power is not connected or phase is missing: check the power

3. Motor damage: replace the motor

4. The chain is broken or stuck: replace

5. It is not good to lift the body slider or PLG: replace

6. Adjust the inverter adjustment knob to the minimum position: adjust to the appropriate frequency

7. The emergency stop switch is in the stop position: turn on the emergency stop switch

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

Stretch film

1. Wound membrane rupture or poor quality: replace

2. The pre-stretching motor is not good: replace the motor

3. Micro switch failure or tension spring fatigue: replace

4. The pre-tensioned chain is separated or the sprocket is loose: reinstall the chain or fix the sprocket

5. The speed of the pre-pulling motor does not match the speed of the turntable motor: adjust the speed between the two motors to match

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