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Pallet Packaging Machine Companion Tools Guide

Jun. 09, 2022

Pallet packaging protects items from harmful substances such as dust, moisture, rust and other contaminants. Developments in pallet packaging materials have made them smoother and quieter to use. To safely and effectively wrap your pallets, you need quality pallet wrapping machine supplies and tools. Here are some common pallet wrapping tools and a guide on how to use them effectively.

Pallet Packaging Machine Companion Tools Guide

Stretch film

Stretch hood machines are one of the newest palletizing technologies and offer advantages over other palletizing methods. In recent years, stretch hood film manufacturers have not only improved packaging technology and quality, but have also emphasized the quality of the raw materials used to improve performance. Stretch hood film manufacturers are continually working to produce more flexible and thinner stretch films.

The use of stretch hood film can reduce plastic consumption by 20-30% compared to shrink hood or stretch film. It encourages manufacturers to seize this opportunity to develop products that are less harmful to the environment. These films are easy to recycle, resulting in significantly lower recycling costs. The increased load stability and flexibility of stretch hood films create profitable opportunities for stretch hood film manufacturers to meet the needs of multiple end-use industries such as food and beverage, textile, shipping and construction.

Pallet Packaging Machine Companion Tools Guide

Pallet Wrappers

Automatic pallet wrapping machines are essential for a wide range of businesses, especially those involved in high volume deliveries/transportation. It can help you pack pallets more efficiently, thus saving time, pallet packing supplies and overall costs. It also reduces the risk of injury, thereby reducing worker downtime and labor costs.

With stretch wrap machines, you can perform safe and consistent stretch wrap while making the wrap thin and clear. This means you can see through the package and easily monitor your inventory.

To use the pallet wrapper, stack your items together and place the packages tightly against the corners of the pallet. Then turn on the machine and start wrapping from the base. Make sure the film is wrapped tightly around the pallet to prevent damage to your inventory.

Pallet Packaging Machine Companion Tools Guide

Intelligent Basic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet truck

Pallet trucks are essential for transporting pallets of packages around the warehouse. There are manual hand pallet trucks, semi- and fully electric pallet trucks, and high-lift pallet trucks.

They use hydraulic pressure to lift the pallet off the ground so you can push it where it needs to go.

While regular pallet trucks only have a lift of a few inches, you can get high-lift scissor trucks that can lift a few feet from the ground. To transfer items to high shelves or stack them, you can use a pallet stacker, which is a significantly taller pallet truck. Pallet stackers also use a hydraulic mechanism and are either manual or electric.

With the right pallet packing supplies and tools, you can be sure that your items are safe during any transportation process. For all your packaging and pallet wrapping needs, contact SMARTWASP we are here to help!

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