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What Are The Methods Of Tray Packaging?

Aug. 07, 2019

Here is a Pallet Wrapping Machine Supplier talking about the methods of tray packaging.

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Pallet Wrapping Equipment

Pallet Wrapping Equipment

Stacking goods in a certain form, and loading and unloading and transporting containers are called pallets. The assembly method of combining several packages or goods into a separate handling unit in a certain way is called tray packaging, which is suitable for mechanized loading and unloading transportation operations, which is convenient for modern warehouse management and can greatly improve the loading and unloading and transportation of goods. Efficiency and warehousing management.

The advantages of the tray packaging method are:

1. The overall performance is good, the stacking code is flat and stable, and the package can be avoided during the storage, loading, unloading, transportation and other circulation processes;

2. Suitable for large machinery for loading and unloading and handling, compared with small packages that rely on small machinery for loading and unloading, the working efficiency can be increased by 3-8 times;

3. It can greatly reduce the possibility of collision, drop, dumping and rough loading and unloading of goods during storage, loading, unloading, transportation, etc., and ensure the safety of cargo turnover.

4. Relevant information shows that the use of tray packaging instead of the original packaging can significantly reduce the circulation costs, including 45% reduction in household appliances, 60% reduction in paper products, 55% reduction in groceries, and a 15% reduction in flat glass and refractory bricks.

However, the disadvantages of the tray packaging are: increased production and maintenance costs of the tray, and the need to purchase the corresponding handling machinery.

In the process of storage and transportation of the pallet packing unit, in order to ensure its stability, it is necessary to adopt appropriate fastening methods to prevent it from collapsing, and take corresponding measures for products that require moisture, water and other requirements. Commonly used fixing methods include bundling, gluing, wrapping, and protective reinforcement attachments, and these methods can also be used in conjunction with each other.

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