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Application Of Robot Packaging Machine

Jul. 23, 2019

The Robot Wrapping Machine is a multi-joint robot or a multi-degree-of-freedom robot for the industrial field. The four-axis six-axis robot is optional, and it is determined according to the specific application process and requirements.

Robot Wrapping Machine

Robot Wrapping Machine

Robot wrapping machine robots are widely used in food, beverage, beer, pharmaceutical and other industries. Through the combination of intelligent industrial robots and various intelligent grippers, the input and programmed robot system is realized by grasping the head and deflated to realize the packaging products such as grabbing and putting bags/bottles/boxes, through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control. Accurately and reliably picking up the packaged product from the conveyor line and loading it into the carton, so that the bag, box, bottle and other products are automatically arranged into the carton, and then the loaded carton is guided to the finished carton conveyor line. In the middle, the sealing and stacking processes of the subsequent channels are carried out.

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