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An introduction of turntable pallet wrapping machine

Apr. 09, 2018

Turntable pallet wrapping machines are the most popular semi-automatic stretch wrappers and handle the majority of load types. These turntable pallet wrappers may not be the best option for extremely light, extremely heavy or unstable/order picked loads. If the loads are too light, the rotation and pull from the film could cause the loads to fall apart or topple. In those cases, a stretch wrapper with ramp is a better option, because the pallet remains on the floor, not a turntable. This way, the load will remain stationary, while the wrap arm rotates around it.

Furthermore, floor loading is ideal for too-heavy or order picked loads. They can be delivered right to the designated spot, and can be wrapped without too much extra movement or lifting. There is no need to lift the load onto the turntable with a forklift, or try to take it up a ramp.

Turntable pallet wrapping machines

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