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Do you need turntable pallet wrapping machine?

Apr. 02, 2018

The turntable pallet wrapping machine define a particular type of pallet. In fact, they have a platform at the base onto which is positioned the pallet; on the basis of the programme set through the panel, it rotates on itself and allows the film to wrap entirely the pallet.

These turntable pallet wrapping machines are not too bulky and are decidedly easy to use. They use a stretch film in LLDPE plastic material which is optimal to preserve, protect and block the packed load.

Turntable pallet wrapping machine: automatic and semi-automatic.

The turntable pallet wrapping machines by Smart Wasp are available in the automatic and semi automatic version; on the basis of the requirements of production, productivity and available operators, the purchase of one or the other will be recommended.

We supply standard pallet wrapping machine include turntable pallet wrapper with competitive price. Looking forward to your orders!

turntable pallet wrapping machine

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