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Pay Attention To Purchasing A Pallet Wrapping Machine

Mar. 04, 2019

The Pallet Wrapping Machine For Light Pallet is a relatively wide-ranging packaging equipment, which is cheap, and the ordinary machine is more than 10,000 yuan. It can basically realize automatic packaging, and one worker can operate. This is an important part of the popularization of the tray wrapping machine. The reason for saving labor.

There are many Automatic Pallet Packing Machine Manufacturer selling such equipment in the world, and the equipment of each manufacturer is also different. Customers often get confused when they choose. What kind of equipment is good equipment? What should be paid attention to? 

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to some of the details that should be paid attention to when purchasing a Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machine.

 Automatic Pallet Packing Machine Manufacturer

The first is the chassis. The chassis is the weighing part. It must be durable and durable. In addition to the national standard steel, it also requires superb welder technology, long-term production experience, and long-term customer feedback, summing up experience and optimizing the load-bearing structure. The standard machine can weigh 2 tons. If the cargo exceeds this number, to 3 tons or 5 tons, the bottom load-bearing structure can not use this traditional chassis, but requires a slewing bearing structure, which is a forged steel system. Structures, tower cranes, cranes, excavators, and other heavy-duty machines use this structure for durability, and of course, the relative price will be higher.

Followed by the column part, our company's tray winding packaging machine column is about 530*380mm, which is the thicker column of the whole industry. Like many other enterprises, the column even achieves 300*300mm, which can be said to be very fine. The frame is very heavy, the packaging material is also 20 kilograms, the column is thin, it will seriously affect the service life of the tray wrapping machine, and the internal guide rails are relatively cheap. Our manufacturers can increase the life of the equipment to the greatest extent, internal The mold base will be the elevator guide rail with high precision and no deformation, which minimizes the wear of the membrane frame during ascending and descending, greatly increasing the service life.

Finally, the electrical part, three frequency converters, one PCL control the operation of the whole tray winding packaging machine, taking into account the cost performance, the current conventional tray winding packaging machine uses domestic brands, we all know that the domestic equipment is getting better and better. Quality is no problem. Some export equipment, or enterprises have requirements, will also use some brands like Siemens, AB, etc., of course, the price will be much higher, not only expensive accessories, but also other costs will be much higher, if you can really buy it Yes, I am afraid to buy fake, warm reminder, if the manufacturer you consulted tells you that all parts are purchased from imported brands, and the price is only a little higher, then you should have a long-term view.

Chassis, column, electrical part, this is the three main parts of the tray wrapping machine. Today is not a lot. If you don't understand anything, you can call us and let our professional sales staff answer you. Today Give everyone a few photos of the delivery today.

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