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Factors Affecting The Price Of The Film Wrapping Machine

Mar. 06, 2019

Some customers call and ask how much is your film winding machine? I want to answer this question, but we should quote according to the size of the customer's product, and choose a suitable device for the customer according to the size provided by the customer. 

A brief introduction, what should be considered when asking about the price of the Pallet Wrapping Equipment:

Pallet Wrapping Machine Factory

1. Since the customer is consulting the Standard Pallet Wrapper, his goods must be used in the pallet. After knowing the size of the pallet, the diagonal of the pallet can be calculated to select the pallet winding machine that suits the customer's requirements. Some products, if the tray is large, are not packaged as required, so that the disc can be dangerous to operate, so it is important to know the size of the product tray.

2. The height of the packaged product: The general film winding machine is divided into standard and non-standard models. The packaging height of the standard machine is 1800mm. If the customer's product does not exceed this size, the standard equipment can be selected if the customer's product exceeds 1800mm, we can choose the higher column, between 1800mm-2800mm, if it exceeds 1800mm, then the price of this tray winding machine will be calculated.

3. The weight of the packaged product: If the general cargo does not exceed two tons, then our standard disc can withstand the goods within two tons. We choose a 10mm thick disc. If the product exceeds two tons, then We need to use slewing bearings, depending on the weight of the customer's product, we can choose to bear different slewing bearings, so the weight of the product is also a factor affecting the price of the winding machine.

4. The use of a winding machine: Some customers choose to use in China, and some choose to export. Domestic and foreign voltages are different. Our domestic voltage is 220V, and foreign countries are generally 380V, although the price is not too big. The disparity, but also ask in advance, the most important to ensure the normal use of the winding machine.

At the same time, Pallet Wrapping Machine Factory can be offered the price for you.  Looking forward to receiving your inquiry

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