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Solutions To Common Problems Of Winding Machine

Jun. 10, 2020

If the equipment is used for a long time, some undesirable conditions will appear.

In order to make the winding machine more convenient and faster for everyone, our Shanghai Deep Blue technicians have specifically summarized some common faults and maintenance methods during the use of the winding machine for your reference:

(1) The machine does not run when it is started:   

 1. The external main power supply is not connected, you can check the external power supply and re-transmit power;   

 2. The internal control power is not connected, use the key switch to turn on the power or close the switch in the power distribution cabinet;   

 3. The pause button cannot be pressed (the pause button indicator is on), press it again to make it pop up and reset;  

 4. The emergency stop button cannot be pressed, let go of the emergency stop button;   

 5. When the PLC is damaged, it is recommended to replace it;

 6. The fuse is burnt out, it is recommended to replace the fuse

 7. The power cord and other equipment are damaged, reconnect the independent power supply. 

(2) The turntable does not turn:   

 1. The inverter burns out, the phenomenon is no display, it is recommended to replace the new inverter;  

 2. The inverter parameters are set incorrectly, and then set again according to the requirements;  

 3. The turntable chain breaks, adjust the distance between the large and small sprockets, connect the chain, if the chain is damaged, replace the chain;  

 4. If the turntable motor itself is faulty, use a multimeter or shaker to check whether the motor is missing or broken down. If the repair cannot be done on site, replace the motor;   

 5. The turntable reducer itself is faulty, it is recommended to replace;   

 6. The knob is damaged, the chassis does not turn (E type equipment), replace;   

 7. If the PLC has no output, replace with a new PLC controller;

 8. If the connection between the turntable reducer and the sprocket is abnormal, change the connection flat key;

 9. The inverter displays an overload alarm and the voltage is unstable, then improve the power quality or adjust the frequency conversion acceleration/deceleration time.  

(3) The turntable needs to be pushed to start:  

 1. The start time of the inverter slow start setting is too long, then reset it;

 2. If the DIP switch is damaged, repair the DIP switch.  

(4) After turning the turntable, there is a noise:   

 1. If the ground is uneven, users are required to arrange or change the place of placement;

 2. If the individual rollers are badly worn, replace the rollers. 

(5) The film feeding speed of the film rack cannot be adjusted:   

 1. If the DC speed control box is damaged and there is no output, then repair and replace;   

 2 The bearing of the supporting roller at the bottom of the turntable is seriously damaged. Replace the bearing or supporting roller.

(6) Non-stop turntable:   

 1. The DIP switch is damaged. Repair the DIP switch   

 2. The proximity switch at the bottom of the machine is damaged, replace  

(7) The turntable cannot be raised or stopped slowly:  

 1. The parameter setting of the inverter is incorrect. Re-set   

(8) The inverter displays an overload alarm:   

 1 Unstable voltage Improve power supply quality or adjust the frequency conversion acceleration and deceleration time   

(9) Damage of the active rubber roller and film frame connecting piece (square rod):   

 1. Damage during transportation Replace

 2. Man-made collision and replacement  

(10) Use steps of stretch film winding machine

 1. The machine is in the initial position, fix the film on the turntable or the goods, and press the automatic running button;   

 2. The turntable starts to accelerate to the highest speed, the film is automatically output with the turntable running, and at the same time, the turntable counts. When the bottom set value is reached, the film frame starts to rise.  

 3. When the film rack rises until the photoelectric switch can't irradiate the goods, the film rack stops rising after the set time is delayed, the up and down times are counted once, the turntable continues to run, and the turntable counts. When the frame is lowered, the film frame stops when it descends to the bottom, counts up and down again, and starts to count the bottom circle.  

 4. By analogy until the up and down times reach the set value, the packaging process is completed. The turntable landed slowly and stopped at the initial detection point.

 If the above faults are repaired and the winding machine still does not work properly, please contact the technical staff of Shanghai Deep Blue in a timely manner, we will provide you with prompt and thoughtful service.

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