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How to Prevent Loads from Tipping Over in a Truck(1)

Jan. 31, 2019

Here is Standard Pallet Wrapping Machine Factory talking about Wrapping Machine. 

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A significant source of merchandise damage is lots tipping over during transport. Here are just two things that you can do in order to keep loads from leaning over.

1. Unitize loads properly.

This is the first step to safeguarding your merchandise. Now, stretch wrap has become easily the most popular means to unitize loads and with a machine will provide you with the best results. The greater you wrap a load, the greater the chance it must arrive without any harm.

But it is difficult to tell when you are doing it correctly. Following these principles can allow you to produce a load that's safe to boat and will resist leaning over.

Apply the required amount of containment force. Containment force is the squeezing pressure stretch film exerts on the load. If the film is too loose around the load, it won’t hold the load together.

Lock the load to the pallet with a film cable. The film that’s rolled into a cable and applied just below the top deck boards of a pallet, will prevent loads from sliding off their pallet. The placement of the cable also keeps forks from puncturing the film when picking up the load.

Make sure there are no long or dragging film tails. Film tails have a tendency to get caught in things, causing the film to rip or pull products off pallets.

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