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How To Prevent Loads From Tipping Over In A Truck(2)

Feb. 13, 2019

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2. Load trailers strategically.

It's important that you utilize the right design and pallets to create unloading simple and shield products from potential damage. Base your loading routine on the weight and height of the pallets.

Balance the weight. A trailer is like a seesaw so distributing the weight evenly can help lessen the movement of the trailer and stress on each load.

Reduce the difference in elevation between adjacent heaps. Placing loads of similar height beside each other generates a natural wall, shielding the loads from fully drifting over.

Fill big empty spaces. If there are big gaps in your loading routine, fill the voids using airbags or other dunnage materials.

Businesses around the world lose billions of dollars due to in-transit harm. There are no guarantee loads will arrive at their destination unharmed, but being clever about how you extend wrap and load a trailer can reduce the risk of your loads tipping.

The principal predictor of your load coming undamaged at its destination is having sufficient containment force. If you're in doubt just how much containment induce your loads need download our Containment Force Recommendation Chart.

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