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Classification And Adaptability Of Stretch Film Packaging Machine

Oct. 31, 2019

Stretch Film Wrapping Machine is a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine. For food companies, this is a tool to increase productivity. We all know that the food we usually touch is in the end which are the stretch film packaging machines for packaging, what types of stretch film packaging machines? Today we will come and have a look together.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

The main packaging form of the stretch film packaging machine relies on a Stretch Film, which can automatically bag by stretching the film. What kind of film is the stretch film, and what advantages does it have? There are many classifications of stretched film: PE stretch film, package stretch film, flow stretch film, etc. Different stretch film has different characteristics, and PE stretch film is widely used in food. Its specific advantages have the following aspects:

1. The stretched film has high transparency and good gloss, so that the packaged product is clearly visible.

2. The stretched film can shrink rapidly at low temperatures.

3. The seal is good under high temperature conditions.

4, low temperature and high shrinkage, suitable for small packaging, used in the food field.

The stretch film packaging machine is one of the automatic vacuum packaging machines. The stretch film packaging machine is also a vacuum packaging machine with high automation and high work efficiency in the vacuum packaging machine type. Stretch film packaging is also divided into several types:

First, Single-sided stretch film packaging machine. It is a packaging effect achieved by stretching only the lower film. The vacuum packaging machine is also used in many industries, such as sea cucumbers, shrimps and other seafood products, as well as the snack foods such as chicken feet, chicken wings and beef jerky that we usually eat. machine.

Second, double-sided stretch packaging machine. This equipment is developed on the basis of the single-sided stretch film packaging machine. It should be understood by the literal meaning. It is a kind of packaging effect achieved by simultaneously stretching the upper film and the lower film. The equipment used for such double-sided stretching generally does not have a high degree of stretching, and most of them use a stretch film of aluminum foil to package the product. For example, fish tofu and dried egg are all stretched through a double-sided film. Packed out by the packaging machine.

Third, continuous air-conditioning sealing film stretch film packaging machine. This equipment uses food-conditioning and fresh-keeping technology. The principle of this technology is to suppress the air in the food packaging and then mix it with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide through a gas mixer and then fill it into the box. The effect of microorganisms, so as to achieve the preservation of food, to maintain the original color, aroma and taste of the food. The premise of this type of equipment operation is that it requires a prefabricated box, puts the product in a box, and then achieves a packaging effect by coating the box.

Fourth, continuous air conditioning pull hard box stretch film packaging machine. This kind of equipment is a kind of machine developed on the basis of continuous air-sealing and sealing film packaging machine. It differs from the continuous air-sealing box stretch film packaging machine in the box, and the continuous air-lifting hard-box stretch film packaging machine achieves the shape of the box by stretching the film without the need for a prefabricated box. A LOGO that prints the product at the bottom of the box. The packaging effect is higher than that of the continuous air-conditioning sealing film stretch film packaging machine. For example, boxed loin duck products are the packaging method used.

The above-mentioned stretch film packaging machines are several types of packaging that we usually use. Of course, various functions can also be added to these devices, such as punching, coding, etc. Types of packaging machines include Pallet Packaging Machine, etc. As the market demand for stretch film packaging machines increases, the function of stretch film packaging machines is constantly being updated, which is also being used as a technical team for stretch film packaging machines. In the direction of hard work and development, I believe that in the near future, there will be more functions of stretch film vacuum packaging machine.

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