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Smart Wasp | 2021 Guangdong (foshan) International Machinery Industry Expo

Sep. 28, 2021

Smart Wasp | 2021 guangdong (foshan) International Machinery Industry Expo

From September 23 to 26, the 5th China (Guangdong) International "Internet +" Expo and Guangdong (Foshan) International Machinery Industry Equipment Expo were held in Foshan, Guangdong. The expo includes 10 pavilions with a display area of nearly 100,000 square meters and more than 1,400 exhibitors, focusing on the latest technologies and achievements in industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing.

Smart Wasp | 2021 Guangdong (foshan) International Machinery Industry Expo

Manufacturing is the founding, the base of power. Foshan is an important manufacturing base in China and the only pilot city for comprehensive reform of manufacturing transformation and upgrading. SMART WASP with the mission of "making Chinese smart products respected by the world", X100 automatic intelligent wrapping machine, X0ps standard pre-stretch intelligent wrapping machine and EXTEND hand-held wrapping machine dispenser appeared in this Guangdong (Foshan) Industrial Expo.

Smart Wasp | 2021 Guangdong (foshan) International Machinery Industry Expo

Expo with the theme of "industrial interconnection, digital intelligent manufacturing", as the promoter of intelligent manufacturing, SMART WASP with X-line Internet of things all-round, multi-level display of "Internet + intelligent manufacturing", help Foshan manufacturing digital intelligent transformation! At the exhibition site, SMART WASP amazed the audience with its own brand power, and wrapping machine products became a highlight of the scene!

At this point, the 2021 Guangdong (Foshan) Industrial Expo has come to a successful conclusion. However, SMART WASP's innovative pursuit of intelligent manufacturing will never end. We will forge ahead and serve the entire manufacturing industry chain with better products.

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