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Use Advantages and Technical Characteristics of Fully Automatic Tray Packaging Machine

Mar. 20, 2020

Full-automatic pallet packaging machines have also been widely used in various industries. Many companies need to pack products before transportation, which saves a lot of human and material resources. Many friends who have not used automatic tray packaging machines still don't understand. Today, Wrapping Machine supplier will introduce it.

The volume of rolled material for automatic packaging materials is limited, and it is generally only suitable for packaging single or multiple small-sized items. Due to its own load-bearing range, it is suitable for packaging requirements for storage and transportation of cargo finishing. The main advantages of this fully automatic pallet packaging machine:

1. Fully automatic pallet packaging machine can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. The product packed with a packaging machine can improve the packaging effect of the product, and the product packed with a packaging machine can make the product beautiful and standardized.

2. Using full-automatic Pallet Packaging Machine can reduce labor intensity, because wrap-around packaging machines are mainly used for large-scale product packaging, which cannot be packed by hand, and can only be wrapped around the packaging machine to solve this problem. This is conducive to workers' labor protection. For some products that seriously affect your health, such as dust, toxic products or irritating products, the winding machine can be operated directly without manual operation;

3. It can reduce the packaging cost and save the storage cost. The winding packing machine itself is easy to operate and easy to use. The winding packing machine is equipped with an emergency stop button to ensure safety in the event of a machine failure;

4. Neat packaging. The machine is a strict parameter for executing the program design, which greatly guarantees the neatness of the product and avoids the disadvantages of manual missed installation or poor packaging. The goods packed by the hoist are easy to transport, which can prevent the goods from being damaged during transportation, and play the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and clean.

5. Fully automatic tray packaging machine has the advantages of high productivity, high reliability, good packaging product quality and so on.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

Technical characteristics of automatic tray packaging machine:

1. The turntable automatically returns to its original position to ensure the accuracy of the positioning of the turntable of the automatic tray packaging machine.

2. Self-protection switch device design: If the highest height control switch of the equipment fails, the equipment film seat cannot stop when it reaches the highest apex, which may cause equipment damage. The use of this type of self-protection switch design avoids this situation loss.

3. Slowly and automatically stop the design device: When the turntable of the equipment rotates by itself, if the rotation speed is fast, the items on the upper layer of the equipment are prone to fall. With the slow-start device design, there is no need to worry about cargo falling, and the equipment can be adjusted with stepless speed change. If the rotation speed is too fast, it is easy to drop the top packaging and use a slow start. There is no such concern and the rotation speed can be adjusted without step change.

4. Partially reinforced packaging device: If you need to strengthen the packaging of an item, the turntable positioning function of the automatic tray packaging machine has a good effect in strengthening the wrapping of the item.

5. Photoelectric switch detection device: The advanced electric eye switch can automatically detect the height of the items to be wrapped, ensuring the efficiency and effect of packaging work.

The above are the advantages and technical features of the automatic pallet packaging machine introduced by the Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine supplier.

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