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The Daily Maintenance of Packaging Machine Equipment is Essential

Mar. 27, 2020

For the packaging machine equipment, we can not just use it blindly, but also pay attention to his daily maintenance, so as to ensure its long-term use. Today Robot Stretch Wrap Machine Supplier will mainly introduce the routine maintenance of the packaging machine.

Packaging machine equipment

1. Check whether the fixing bolts of the roller bearing seat are loose. If the fixing bolts of the roller bearing seat are loose, first adjust the level of the roller and then tighten the bolts.

2. Check whether the fixing bolts of the reducer are loose.

3. Check whether the oil level of the reducer is lower than the vernier position.

4. Check if the swivel belt needs to be tensioned.

5. Abnormal noise or loud noise.

6. Check the tension of the chain. Use the feet or other items to level the chain horizontally. If the chain is arched, the chain needs to be tensioned. Check whether the middle tensioning device can properly tension the chain.

Pallet Wrapping Equipment

Pallet Wrapping Equipment

7. Check the equipment for abnormal noise. If abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the machine, or if the noise is relatively large, use a screwdriver to pry up the chain to see if the chain is not tensioned and whether the chain is stuck.

8. When the equipment is running, it cannot be used for other purposes than the packaged goods. When the equipment is running, no one is allowed to stand around the equipment. Operators should work in a safe area outside the yellow warning line; Allow the swivel to be touched by hand or other objects.

9. The lubrication of Wrapping Machine equipment includes gears, bearings, and frequently moving parts areas that are meshed everywhere. Daily lubrication is required, especially for large-scale equipment that has been working continuously and requires long-term adherence to meet the maintenance requirements of the wrapping machine.

10. Pay attention to the lubrication of non-automatic tray packaging machine equipment. Do not drop the oil on the belt, otherwise the belt may be damaged or the object may run.

11. The most important part of the packaging machine equipment is the reducer, so the lubrication of the reducer is particularly important. It is required to clean the interior and replace the new oil after one month of first use, and then change the oil every six months. No delay or sloppy.

Only regular maintenance and repair of packaging machine equipment such as Pallet Wrapping Equipment can extend the life of the machine and maintain normal operation. And the price of a machine is not cheap for some small businesses, so efforts on the human side can save production costs in disguise, and continuous work can bring more benefits to the enterprise.

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