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What Is The Classification Of The Tray Wrapping Machine?

Jul. 05, 2019

The Pallet Winding Packaging Machine is suitable for palletized goods packaging (such as container transportation for bulk goods and packaging of spare parts trays), widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, Beverage, building materials and other industries. It can improve logistics efficiency and reduce losses during shipping. It has the advantages of dustproof, moisture proof and low packaging cost.

Pallet Winding Packaging Machine

The tray winding packaging machine, also known as the tray winding machine, the tray wrapping machine, the tray film winding machine, can be divided into the following categories according to different classification methods in actual use:

1. Fully automatic tray wrapping machine

The automatic tray winding packaging machine is a film winding packaging machine applied to the automatic assembly line, which is very suitable for the automatic packaging demand of modern enterprises and plays an important role in improving production efficiency, reducing labor intensity and saving cost. At present, the automatic winding packaging machine has been very well applied in the packaging lines of beverage, food, chemical, early knowledge, clothing, logistics, and other industries.

2. Automatic top type tray winding packaging machine

The automatic topping type tray winding packaging machine mainly uses the winding goods which are light in weight and high in palletization, preventing the goods from falling over in the packaging, and is more suitable for cotton spinning, empty bottles, and other industries.

3. Resistance stretch type Tray Film Wrapping Machine

The stretch-stretching tray film wrapping and wrapping machine adjust the frictional resistance of the resisting stretching mechanism, and the speed at which the wrapping film is passively pulled out is slower than the speed of the goods placed on the tray, and then the winding film is pulled apart while being wound around the goods. Above. The tightness of the wound film can be set by corresponding parameters to meet the requirements of different goods for the tightness of the wound film.

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