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What Is The Classification Of The Tray Wrapping Machine?2

Jul. 06, 2019

As Pallet Box Packing Machine Manufacturer, So let's continue what we did last time.

4. Pre-stretching tray film wrapping machine

The pre-stretching type tray film wrapping and packaging machine utilizes the speed difference of the wear-resistant rubber roller to fully pull the wound film and drives the goods through the rotation of the tray to uniformly wrap the film on the goods. How much the film can be pulled according to the actual needs can be adjusted according to the actual needs, while the number of layers and height can be controlled by the PLC processor and the corresponding mechanism.

Pallet Box Packing Machine Manufacturer

5. M-type tray winding packaging machine

Compared with other tray wrapping machines, the M-type tray wrapping machine is mainly on the tray. This equipment adopts M-shaped opening on the tray to facilitate the forklift to enter and exit the cargo, improve the safety factor of loading and unloading goods, and ensure the safety of the machine and personnel. Easy to use.

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