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What Should I Do If The Tray Wrapping Machine Is Not Working Well?

Jul. 09, 2019

Here is High Efficiency Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturer talking about Winding Machines Used By Companies From All Walks Of Life. 

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During the working process, the tray winding packaging machine has the phenomenon of broken film, winding and wrapping, which will affect the production progress and packaging effect.

High Load Weight Pallet Wrapping Machine

The general treatment for this situation is:

First, check whether it is a film or a device. If it is determined that it is a problem of the wound film when the thickness is uneven, the width and narrowness are uneven, the quality of the wound film is problematic. We can first check the unqualified part and then try the packaging again, and the processing is completed normally. If the wrapping film is not tight, adjust the winding package and the elastic button to adjust, knowing that the tightness meets the process standard.

The quality of the wrapping film directly affects the packaging effect, and there may be cases where the film is not wound up or broken. If most of the winding film is not up to standard, the new packaging material may be considered.

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