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Winding Machines Used By Companies From All Walks Of Life

Jul. 08, 2019

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The winding machine belongs to industrial equipment, which is difficult to see in normal life. Therefore, many enterprise personnel who do not use such equipment are not very clear about how the equipment is used, and what benefits can be brought after use. Today, Pallet Box Packing Machine Manufacturer here is a detailed description of the types of equipment such as winding machines and their applications in various industries.

Pallet Box Packing Machine Manufacturer

1. Let me talk about the following types. The winding machine mentioned this time is not common equipment in life. It is mainly suitable for equipment for wrapping large items in enterprises. According to its structure, it can be divided into tray winding machine, horizontal winding machine, vertical winding. Machine, horizontal winding machine, cylindrical winding machine, no tray winding machine.

2. Then the next winding machine in various industries such as beverages, food, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings, chemicals, non-woven fabrics, building materials, tires, cables and so on. The tray winding machine is a general-purpose packaging equipment, which can wrap a packaged article or a single box, bag, bucket, etc. through a tray to wrap the film to the outside; the horizontal winding machine is a package strip and Rectangular articles packaging equipment, can be packed with hoses, steel pipes, aluminum tubes, and other pipe materials and doors and windows, steel plates, plates, bars, and other rectangular items; vertical winding machine is a device for packaging round objects, such as tires, wheels, steel strips, wires, wire coils and other non-deformable circular objects; horizontal winding machine and vertical winding machine are also a kind of equipment for packaging round objects, but compared with vertical winding machine horizontal winding machine Mainly a deformable circular ring; the cylinder winding machine is a packaging equipment for packaging cylindrical articles, which is applied to large paper rolls, cloths, large drums, etc.; the trayless winding machine is relative to the tray winding machine. It is mainly used for winding packaging of single carton or small pieces of polyane.

3. Compared with manual packaging, winding machine packaging not only has fast packaging speed, but also has good packaging effect. The uniform specification helps to improve the brand image of the company. The most important thing is to save capital cost and labor cost.

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