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Types of Stretch Wrappers

Jul. 13, 2021

Stretch Wrappers are considered to be both electrically powered and manually powered machines used to apply stretch film to a variety of goods and products. Although manual stretch wrapping machines are used all over the world, the electrically driven machines are by far the most popular and commonly used.

The easiest stretch wrap machine to use is the turntable type stretch wrap machine. Machines with turntables rotate the goods as the film is wrapped around them. Below is a list of the different types of stretch wrap machines

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Manual Stretch Wrappers - Most manual stretch wrappers are made for wrapping stationary pallets of goods. The stretch film roll is placed on a stand with casters. The user places the film roll on a fixed pallet and uses the stand to hold the film roll and apply tension. These stretch wrappers are the most affordable alternative to manual stretch film dispensers.

Turntable Tray Wrapper - This is by far the most common type of stretch wrapper in the world. Turntable stretch wrappers have a rotating base. A film trolley on the machine mast holds and dispenses the film.

Once the pallet of goods is placed on the turntable, the end of the film is tied to the pallet. The user begins to rotate the turntable. As the pallet rotates, the film carriage on the mast moves across the pallet and the tension on the film roll is stretched as the film is applied.

Swivel Arm Stretch Wrap Machine - A swivel arm stretch wrap machine has a turret with a swivel arm that wraps around a fixed pallet. This type of machine is usually found on fully automated packaging lines. The rotating arm rotates multiple times around the pallet while stretching the film as it is applied.

Depending on the type of swivel arm machine used, the swivel arm will automatically start wrapping and cut the stretch film when it is finished. High volume operations that wrap hundreds of pallets per day typically use fully automated rotary arm machines.

Robotic stretch wrap machines - Robotic Stretch Wrap Machines are fairly new to the industry. The concept is comparable to that of a manual stretch wrap machine. The main difference is that once the film is tied to the pallet, the robot rotates around the stationary pallet instead of the individual.

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