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SMART WASP in ICDIA(Kunshan) 2021

Jul. 13, 2021

Small wasp | at kunshan ICDIA show

On July 11th, the "Digital Brand Creation, Intelligent Future" industry meeting and digital economy demonstration application scene exhibition hosted by Kunshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, China Industrial Design and Research Institute, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and other units was successfully opened in Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The whole exhibition is full of bright spots, blue, orange and green will be divided into "Future Intelligent Manufacturing", "Future Life", "Future Agriculture" three areas.

SMART WASP in ICDIA(Kunshan) 2021

This exhibition, the small wasp technology by Kunshan intelligent manufacturing innovation alliance invited, with MK900 automatic intelligent strapping and wrapping machine, HM01 intelligent forklift together to appear! As a practitioner of intelligent manufacturing, the exhibition area of Little Wasp Technology is located in the "Future Manufacturing" area of the three regions.

On the scene of the exhibition, the two highlights of the fully automatic strapping & wrapping and the unmanned handling of the forklift attracted many visitors and exhibitors to stop, and various media workers also filmed and interviewed in turn!

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