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Use And Maintenance Of Wrapping Machine

Oct. 24, 2019

Nowadays, many manufacturers use Wrapping Machine to produce high-end international standard general-purpose PP packing belts (also suitable for returning materials). For example, there is such a packaging unit on the market. The whole packing belt unit can be dried by hot air of the hopper, automatically feeding, safe and beautiful, and the size of the winding is neat and the two sides are neat, and the output reaches 2~3.0 tons/day.

Briefly introduce the general production process parameter setting: the extruder barrel temperature is 180 °C for the feed section, 210 °C for the compression section, 210~220 °C for the metering section, 200~210 °C for the die, and impregnated with tap water in the cooling water tank after extrusion. It is quenched, then heated in a boiling water bath and rapidly stretched longitudinally under three sets of traction rolls, and the pattern is rolled on the last pair of traction rolls, and the package is shipped after being wound up. The speed of the last pair of embossing rolls is 5 to 8 times the speed of the extrusion line. The multiple of stretching must meet the requirements of the country for the size of the strapping belt to adjust the roller speed of the traction roller. If the size is too large or too small, it will affect the cooperation and use of the plastic strapping with the metal jacket.

The wrapping machine is a very important equipment for the packaging section. It is a relatively high-tech equipment when it is used together with the Film Wrapper. It is also a device that is very easy to fail. It is used in the production process. And the quick handling of the faults that occur is directly related to the downtime of the packaging segment and the quality of the packaging. Therefore, in the process of operating the wrapping machine, we must learn how to use the strapping machine, and can quickly eliminate the general failure of the wrapping machine. So how should the wrapping machine be maintained? I will tell you below.

Stretch Film

Stretch Film

First, wrapping machine use and maintenance

Before the wrapping machine, it is necessary to check whether the photocell of the wrapping machine is in good condition, whether the reflector is aligned and whether there is dust on the top, and if it is not right, it is removed in the correct position. Whether the screws and nuts of each component are loose or not, should be tightened in time. If there is a lack of nails and caps, the repairman must be notified to handle them in time. Check for any foreign matter in the belt rail. If it is necessary to remove it, blow out the dust in the belt rail with compressed air. Check if the crankshaft part is short of oil. If it is missing, the crankshaft must be refueled by trickle-drop method, usually with a small stick of simmering oil, slowly dripping on the shaft, and can not be poured into the belt rail. Slip when you play, don't take the belt, don't hit the belt. If abnormal phenomena are found during the booting process, such as loud sound, large vibration, and odor, if you can't find it yourself, stop the automatic wrapping machine and call the repair personnel to deal with it, so as not to cause damage to internal parts. In addition to the use and maintenance of vacuum wrapping machines and binding machines.

Second, the elimination of common faults

1. The cigarette packs in the production run directly without hitting, or one of them does not hit. The photocell and the reflector should be checked for alignment and should be aligned if not aligned. If there is damage, notify the electrician to replace it.

2. The cigarette pack is not in the position of the belt. The method of treatment is to check if the soldering iron temperature regulator is in the required temperature position, usually at a temperature of 300C. It can be adjusted between plus and minus 10C according to the temperature of the environment. If the temperature is too high, it will be easily broken after being thinned, and the temperature will be too low to stick to the belt. Check if the belt is loose. Generally, if the nut is loose, the nut will fall off. The loose belt will cause the belt to slide out to the side and cannot reach the standard position, so that it cannot be hit. The cassette is also a very common problem. During the booting process, the belt is stuck in the feeding belt due to improper operation or the belt is out of specification. This requires removing the baffle plate beside the feed rail, and pulling out the jammed tape, and blowing out the residual portion of the remaining inner strap and dust with compressed air.

The above is about the use and maintenance of the wrapping machine, if you are interested in the wrapping machine, you can contact us. We can provide you with automatic wrapping machine, as well as high quality Stretch Film, welcome to buy.

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