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What Factors Affect the quality of Pallet Packaging Machine?

Nov. 22, 2021

For first-time standard pallet wrapping machine users, how to identify the quality of the machine is a headache. It is not difficult to selectively buy a reliable pallet wrapping machine by simply understanding the key components that affect the quality of the pallet wrapping machine. Supplier SMARTWASP will give you an overview of several key components that affect the quality of pallet wrapping machines.

The durability of the pallet wrapping machine depends on the chassis, as the wear parts of the entire machine are on the chassis, such as pallets, sprockets, idlers, etc. These are the main components of the chassis of the pallet machine, it is also a key component that affects the quality of the entire pallet machine.

X3 Type Top Pressure Standard Pallet Wrapping Machine

1. Pallet

The pallet is used to carry goods for rotation, so it must reach a certain thickness, otherwise it will be deformed. If the pallet is slightly deformed, it will wear out. Pallets are like car tires, they must be replaced when they reach a certain level. The thickness of the pallet is generally divided into 10mm and 8mm. it looks only 2mm away, but the reliability is very different. High quality pallet packaging machine pallets are generally made of 10mm steel plate to ensure its reliability and durability.

2. Sprocket

The pallet is supported by a sprocket and a support wheel. The larger the sprocket, the stronger the support for the pallet, the greater the pressure shared by the support wheel, the less pressure on the support wheel, the lighter the wear and tear of the support wheel; the smaller the wheel, the greater the wear and tear on the idler wheel. At the same time, the motor drive large sprockets powerful, small sprockets laborious, small sprockets will increase the load of the drive motor, easy to cause damage to the motor.

High quality pallet wrapping machine generally uses large sprocket with 80 teeth, the diameter is 412mm, which is the largest sprocket in the industry. SMARTWASP machines use large diameter sprocket, your good choice, we are confident to guarantee the quality.

3. Idler pulley

Idler pulley is a wearable part like a car tire. Not only the quality of the pallets and sprockets will affect the loss rate of idlers, but also the quality of the idlers themselves is important. Practice has proved that the nylon material of the idler pulley is wear-resistant and durable, and the quality is guaranteed. You need to observe and ask carefully when you buy.

The quality of idler pulleys is not as intuitive as that of pallets and sprockets. Its size can be directly referenced, which makes it difficult for users to judge. However, from experience, if the thickness of the pallet is less than 10mm, the quality of idlers is generally poorer.

safety technology of Intelligent Basic Pallet Wrapping Machine

These are the key components of pallet winder and the corresponding quality identification methods. After understanding these, it is not difficult to buy a reliable pallet wrapping machine. smart Wasp focuses on designing, researching and manufacturing intelligent pallet wrapping machine and providing Smart Wasp focuses on designing, researching and manufacturing intelligent pallet wrapping machine and providing packaging automation solutions, please send us a message now for professional guidance and quotation.

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