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What Are The Types of Pallet Stretch Wrappers

Apr. 11, 2022


Pallet stretch wrappers are considered to be both electric and manually driven devices used to apply stretch film to a variety of goods and products. Although manual stretch wrappers are used all over the world, electric machines are by far the most popular and commonly used.

Common Types

SMARTWASP presents a list of several different types of stretch wrappers.

Manual Stretch Wrappers

Most manual stretch wrappers are designed for wrapping stationary trays. Stretch film rolls are placed on a stand with casters. The user uses the stand to roll the film around the stationary tray to hold the roll and apply tension. These stretch wrappers are the most affordable alternative to manual stretch film dispensers.

Turntable Tray Wrappers

This is by far the most common type of stretch wrapper in the world. Turntable stretch wrappers have a rotating base. A film holder on the machine mast holds and dispenses the film.

Once the pallet of goods is placed on the turntable, the end of the film is tied to the pallet. The user starts the turntable rotation. As the cargo pallet rotates, the film carrier on the mast moves up on the pallet and the tension on the film roll is stretched as the film is applied.


Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Rotary arm stretch wrappers have a turret with arms that wrap around a fixed pallet. These machines are commonly found on fully automated wrapping lines. The rotating arm makes multiple rotations around the pallet while stretching the film as it is applied.

Robotic Stretch Wrappers

Robot stretch wrapping machines are fairly new to the industry. The concept is comparable to that of a manual stretch wrapper. The main difference is that once the film is tied to the pallet, the robot rotates around the stationary pallet rather than the individual.


Daily maintenance

For the daily maintenance of automatic pallet winding machine, it can be generally divided into three aspects: lubrication of parts and components, regular cleaning of parts and components, and daily maintenance. All these actions will directly affect the service life of automatic winding machine, and the following is the knowledge of basic maintenance of winding machine.

1. First of all, for any piece of equipment, lubrication is the key to the normal operation of all parts. When doing automatic pallet lubrication, attention must be paid to.

2. To regularly refuel and lubricate the gear meshing, bearings and moving parts, one shift at a time, day after day, to adhere to the effect of equipment maintenance and allow production to achieve better efficiency.

3, when refueling, please note that the oil should not drip onto the drive belt to prevent slippage or premature aging of the belt damage.

4, automatic baler reducer is an important part of the equipment, reducer is strictly prohibited to run without oil, the first run 300 hours, clean the internal replacement of new oil, and then every 2,500 hours of work to change the oil once, the operation must be carefully executed.


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