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What Are the Working Methods of Stretch Wrapping?

Feb. 15, 2022

What Are the Working Methods of Stretch Wrapping?

To understand how stretch wrapping works, you must first understand why we stretch wrap loads in the first place.

Why do we stretch wrap

We stretch wrap for a number of reasons. One major reason is to group shipments together. Building a large package from many small packages makes it easier to transport, ship and protect individual products from damage. Preventing damage is the key to getting goods from origin to destination in "as is" condition. Stretch wrapping allows us to achieve both of these goals in the most cost-effective manner.

Stretch wrapping loads prevents them from moving and shifting during transit, which is a major source of damage. There are certainly other ways to damage goods during transit, but stretch wrapping provides a measure of protection that increases the chances of arriving "as is".

What Are the Working Methods of Stretch Wrapping?

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3 Ways for pallet wrapping

There are three ways to apply stretch wrap to product pallets: manual, semi-automatic stretch wrap or high-speed automatic stretch wrap.


As the name implies, manual packaging relies on people manually stretch wrapping loads. A worker secures the film to a pallet and walks the film around the load.

Pulling a heavy roll of film on a pallet is physically demanding. Hand wrapping typically has the highest material costs because the film is used without consistency and without a lot of pre-stretching.


Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are available in two different machine styles - turntable and straddle. The load is placed on or within the wrapping area of the stretch wrapper and stretch film is applied. The turntable model will rotate the load on the turntable, while the straddle model has a wrapping arm that moves around the load and applies the film.

What Are the Working Methods of Stretch Wrapping?


High-speed automatic stretch wrappers are similar to semi-automatic models in that the machine performs the actual stretch wrapping of the load. However, automatic stretch wrappers typically include inlet and outlet conveyors to automatically cycle the load through the machine.

There are many features that can be added to a semi-automatic machine to increase the level of automation.

What Are the Working Methods of Stretch Wrapping?

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About containment force

No matter what type of stretch wrapper you use, containment is the most important thing to handle correctly. Containment force can mean the difference between a load arriving at its destination intact and arriving damaged and unsellable

Containment force is what holds a load together. Formally, it is the wrapping force multiplied by the number of layers of film. Wrap force is simply a measure of how tightly each layer of film is wrapped around the load. The number of film layers is the number of wraps applied to the load at a given point.

Once you find that the proper containment forces are working and the stretch wrap setup is set up, it's always a good idea to check periodically to make sure each load is packed properly. For most operations, we recommend measuring containment force once per shift.

What Are the Working Methods of Stretch Wrapping?

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What Are the Working Methods of Stretch Wrapping?

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