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Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Pallet Packaging Business

Feb. 09, 2022

Let me tell you something you already know: pallet costs add up quickly. Sure, each pallet you buy may cost less than $20, but when multiplied by hundreds or thousands of shipments over tens of shipments, those costs can seriously impact your bottom line. If you're running your pallet wrapping machine,and feeling the pinch on pallet costs, consider these seven ways to save.

Pallet Packaging Business

Use reconditioned pallets

There is a common misconception that refurbished pallets are not as durable as new ones. While they may not look as nice, many pallets made from reconditioned wood are just as strong and reliable, and you can get them for much cheaper per piece.

We have technical processes to estimate the integrity of reconditioned pallets very carefully, and it's so important to find a pallet supplier whose products you know you can trust.

Repairs and Returns

Some companies use the same pallets with their incoming shipments for outbound shipments so they don't have to buy new pallets with each shipment. However, sometimes inbound pallets get damaged, have separated decks or are missing slides.

SMARTWASP offers a complete after-sales service, as well as technical guidance, so if you have any problems with your machine, please contact us on video to get a solution.

Good brand spare part

Purchase quantities

Pallets usually come in full and partial truckload quantities. While you may be inclined to order only partial truckloads of pallets because that's what you need now, you will likely be charged freight by the supplier to offset the empty space in the truck. Avoid this additional cost by purchasing a full truckload of pallets.

Wood waste removal

If you're still throwing away worn-out pallets in dumpsters around your facility, it's time to look into a wood waste removal program.

Remove waste and ensure the safety of your docks, warehouses and property. By recycling, you can also help the environment.

E type turntable

Consider customizing

With pallets, you get what you pay for. If you solicit a few pallet quotes and decide to go with the cheapest, you may be disappointed with the product you get.

Analyze the weight and configuration of your shipment and choose a pallet that fits your specifications. Spending more on a higher grade pallet than you need is a waste of money. Cheap and wrongly selected pallets will only end up costing you more in the long run.

With all of these factors in mind, companies should consider finding a pallet and shipping supplier that can help them identify the right type and quantity of pallets to purchase. Contact SMARTWASP to save your business money, and we give you the flexibility and ease to send and receive products freely.

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