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Working Principle And Advantages Of Wrapping Packaging Machine

Aug. 26, 2020

wrapping machine:

In order to meet the packaging requirements of cargo containerized storage, transportation, and mechanized loading and unloading operations, it can prevent damage to the cargo during the handling process, and play a role in dust, moisture and cleaning. It is widely used in products such as foreign trade export, food and beverage, filling, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings, etc.

Working principle of Wrapping Machine

Place the wound object in the center of the turntable, start the turntable motor to rotate, and naturally drive the turntable to rotate, so that the object realizes the peripheral stretch film machine. At the same time, the elevator motor is also started, driving the entire assembly of the winding and strapping machine to move up and down to achieve the winding in the height direction of the object, which realizes the winding and packaging of the entire appearance of the object.

The main thing in the winding process is to adjust the tension of the film and to penetrate the film. Generally, the film tension can be achieved by adjusting the rotating speed of the turntable and the rotating speed of the motor. As long as it is known that the rotating speed of the turntable is greater than the motor speed, the tighter the membrane will be, and vice versa.

Classification of wrapping machines

According to the structure, the wrapping machine can be divided into: Pallet Wrapping Machinemanufacturer, non-pallet wrapping machine Manufacturer horizontal wrapping machine, cantilever wrapping machine, circular wrapping machine, cylindrical wrapping machine, etc...

Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

Advantages of wrapping machine

1. Improving labor productivity is a problem that companies have to think about today. With the development of the economy, labor costs have increased and industry competition has become fierce. Increasing productivity means reducing production costs, and expanding the company's market share and brand influence while ensuring that product quality is not compromised. The winding packaging machinery is flexible and changeable. It can set the height and thickness of the winding film according to the actual shape and size of the product. And these are manual packaging is not guaranteed. This advantage is extremely important for exported products. The packaging requirements of exported products must be standardized and standardized. The advent of the wrapping machine solves this problem that cannot be achieved by hand.

2. If only labor is used, not only will the production cost be correspondingly increased, but the labor intensity will also be greater. For example, some products with large volume and heavy weight are extremely difficult to manually pack, which not only consumes energy, but is also unsafe; the packaging effect is not good, especially some products that affect health, such as severe dust and toxic products, which are irritating Sexual, radioactive products, etc.

3. A major advantage of the wrapping machine is that it can reduce packaging costs and save money for product development. At the same time, a series of unnecessary disputes caused by poor winding effect can be avoided.

After understanding these, if you want to buy, please contact the Pallet Packaging Machine Manufacturer.

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