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The Benefits of Stretch Wrapping Machine

May. 09, 2020

The product packaging is the last step of your assembly line, yet the first thing that your customers see after your products are supplied. Efficiency and consistency are both crucial elements of any type of effective packaging. The great stretch film will protect your pallets from dust, damages as well as various other forms of tapering.

There are numerous factors to choose to utilize stretch wrapping machinery over alternate product packaging methods if you determine to use shrink wrap in your company. Stretch wrapping machine assists in wrapping boxes, containers and parcels or various other kinds of items that are to be stored or delivered.

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Stretch wrapping your products with stretch wrapping machine provides some benefits include:

1. Automatic shrink wrapping machine significantly speeds up your assembly line

By replacing in hand-operated covering for an automatic pallet wrapping machine, you do not need to complete the tiresome, lengthy jobs of packaging products in shrink film, which provides you more time to accomplish even more significant job.

2. Save money on film expenses

Pallet Wrapping Machine is far more effective with the amount of film it makes use of on each product than someone could intend to be by hand, which means shrink wrapping machinery can save you even more cash in the long run.

3. Help protect your products from damage, dust and moisture

When you use the appropriate stretch wrapping machinery, it will ensure that your products are securely wrapped to prevent any type of prospective damage from dust, wetness.

The Benefits of Stretch Wrapping Machine

4. Improved security

Pallet stretch wrapping machine will keep your operators on the forklift which, in itself, is a safety measure. According to a recent survey, it was found that 20 percent of all forklift mishaps involve people walking around the warehouse flooring. Consequently, keeping the operators on the forklift keeps them from the flooring and also focused on the tasks ahead. Hand stretch covering reasons wear-and-tear injuries, and also upgrading to an automated stretch wrapping machine will protect your staff members.

Automatic stretch wrappers require very little communication from their drivers. By just pulling a cord from the forklift, it obtains the pallet or goods wrapped. Additionally, the machine additionally guarantees regular covering that is prepared as well as secure for transportation, while a by hand covered pallet can easily fall and also trigger damage to your goods as well as the trainer.

5. Improved inventory control

On the one hand, when you use the appropriate diminish covering machine, your products will be securely covered to protect against damages from wetness, dust, as well as dirt. On the other hand, reduce wrapping lets you bring uniformity to exactly how much shrink film you utilize per item, enabling you to a lot more precisely know exactly how much material you will certainly require at any kind of one time and also reduce your storage space requirements.

6. Effective goods wrapping

When you utilize a stretch wrapping system for all your mass product packaging business demands, you can guarantee consistency in wrapping your products with a similar stretch and also efficiency which otherwise would not be possible through hand stretch wrapping. The hands-on covering procedure has variants in the stretch and performance of product packaging your products. This indicates that an automatic stretch wrapping device will certainly make sure better packaging of your boxes, pallets, and also products at your workplace.

7. Faster Product packaging

A shrink wrapping machine with an enabled PLC control will certainly assist in fastening the product packaging process and also help satisfy the mass packaging demands in your company. Stretch covering equipment from Orion can be customized to fit your one-of-a-kind demands. This is far better than opting for a regular maker with basic specs, functions, and devices.

The Benefits of Stretch Wrapping Machine

8. Increased Performance

That doesn't like the concept of getting more job carried out in much less time? An automatic stretch wrapping machine will put your service on the course to efficiency. Your operators will not have to wait on the start and quit of wrapping cycles. With the positioning of a pallet on a conveyor or pulling of a cable, the covering begins as well as quits immediately. The Orion entry-level portable automated stretch covering equipment Flex HPA has a 15 RPM variable speed, and it has a maximum tons weight ability of 5,000 lbs. From here the automated stretch wrapping devices only obtain faster. The fastest Orion automatic stretch wrapping makers (like the MA-X) have a turning speed of 30 RPM and also a production capacity of 60-75 loads per hour.

Pallet wrapping machines are an essential part of any kind of business selling products. Stretch wrapping system will certainly bring consistency and safety in your production line no matter the size and also the location of your storage facility. If you have an interest in using a shrink cover machine right into your organisation to boost the efficiency of your present product packaging remedy, you can visit our automatic covering system now or contact us for even more professional information.

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