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Why Does The Stretch Film Of The Automatic Tray Packaging Machine Always Break?

May. 15, 2020

Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine is a very widely used winding packaging equipment, which has been applied in various industries. It is commonly known as stretch film packaging machine, stretch film packaging machine, film wrapping machine, transparent film machine, etc. The reason is that the packaging material used in the automatic tray packaging machine is a transparent stretch film. We have found that many users always have various problems in stretching the film during use. For these problems, the Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturers gives you a few suggestions.

The common problems of stretch film in Automatic Pallet Packing Machine are that stretch film is always not tight or broken. According to this situation, we analyze the reasons as follows:

Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

1. It is because the tension adjustment on the operation panel of the operator is not adjusted to the correct position during the operation of the equipment, which is likely to cause the situation that the stretch film of the equipment packaging process cannot be pulled tight or the film is broken.

2. If there is a burr on the rubber stick on the mold frame, then the operator needs to smooth the burr with sandpaper or other tools.

3. The key point is that our equipment is suitable for machine-use pre-stretched wrapping film, width: 500mm, thickness: about 0.02. We hereby remind our customers to confirm with the manufacturer when buying stretch film. The film I bought was not for machine use, but for hand use, and the thinness of hand use was not enough to support the strength of the stretched film of the stretched film mold frame, so it was also easy to cause film breakage.

In order to avoid the trouble, we suggest that the following five details should be paid attention to during the use of the automatic pallet packaging machine.

1. The turntable of the automatic pallet packaging machine should not be too fast, because the rotation speed of the turntable is too fast, it is easy to drop the goods on the top, so the packaging machine should adopt the mode of slow start and slow stop, and it can also be adjusted with stepless speed change.

2. When packing the goods, some parts need to be strengthened and wrapped. The automatic pallet packaging machine also has a unique turntable positioning function and a film frame positioning function to strengthen the wrapping of specific parts of the goods.

3. The turntable of the automatic pallet packaging machine has an automatic reset function. If the height control switch is damaged and the film rack rises to a high point but cannot be stopped, it will cause serious failure of the parts, so you need to pay attention when operating.

4. The automatic pallet packing machine is equipped with electronic eye switch, which can automatically detect the packing height of the goods.

5. The automatic pallet packaging machine can adjust the speed of the turntable and film frame according to the packing density, and the machine is more automated.

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