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Three Minutes to Teach You to Buy a Cost-effective Tray Packaging Machine

Feb. 21, 2020

Every enterprise is pursuing to reduce packaging costs, lighten labor, and realize packaging automation. How can I buy a cost-effective packaging machine? Today Robot Stretch Wrap Machine Supplier will give you an analysis of several issues that you should pay attention to when choosing a packaging machine, hoping to help everyone.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapping Machine

There are many types of packaging machines, which can be divided into: tray packaging machines, trayless packaging machines, cylindrical packaging machines, ring-type packaging machines and so on. Among them, the most widely used is Pallet Wrapping Machine. Here are some suggestions on the purchase of pallet packaging machines and share them with you.

The tray packaging machine is mainly composed of columns, film frames and chassis.

The first part: the tray packing machine column: the packing machine columns are actually similar, except that the transmission part of the column is a single chain drive, and some are double chain drive. When you choose, you must choose a double-chain transmission packaging machine. The double-chain transmission can make the film frame more stable and durable, and the single chain is easily unbalanced. If the chain is broken for a long time, the film frame may suddenly fall.

Part II: Pallet packaging machine film rack: The film rack is a more important part of the packaging machine. According to the different ways of film packaging, the packaging machine is divided into two types: pre-stretch packaging machine and resistance stretch packaging machine. The application of resistance stretching is relatively narrow, and we will not mention it for now. The so-called pre-stretch packaging machine refers to a packaging machine with a separate motor for film feeding. This motor is either a DC motor or an AC motor. The point is here. When we choose, we must choose a DC motor diaphragm frame, because DC motors have advantages that AC motors cannot match:

1. DC motor has good starting characteristics and speed regulation characteristics;

2. The torque of the DC motor is relatively large;

3. Cheaper maintenance;

4. DC motors are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. When the DC film frame motor is used, the film is evenly distributed by the packaging machine and the film can be fully pulled apart. And the membrane frame motor needs to be constantly started and stopped frequently. The DC motor is more durable. Even if it is broken, the maintenance cost is relatively cheap. Therefore, when choosing a packaging machine, try to choose a DC motor membrane frame.

The third part: the tray packaging machine chassis part: the tray packaging machine chassis as the load-bearing part of the entire packaging machine is also very important. The structure of the chassis is relatively complicated. There are several important components: the turntable (the uppermost disc of the chassis), the center sprocket, and the tug.

Let me tell you about the issues that should be noted about these components.

1. Turntable: This is basically a steel plate, but the quality of the steel plate will be very different. It is necessary to choose a thick one, otherwise the turntable will be deformed, and a slight deformation of the turntable will wear out the idler. The idler is like a car tire, and it must be replaced to a certain extent.

2, the center sprocket: the turntable is supported by the sprocket and the supporting wheel, the larger the sprocket, the greater the support for the turntable, the more the pressure on the supporting wheel, the smaller the pressure on the supporting wheel, the less the supporting wheel wear The lighter, the smaller the sprocket, the faster the wear of the idler. Therefore, the small sprocket will increase the load on the drive motor and easily cause damage to the motor, so be sure to choose the chassis of the large sprocket.

3. Tugboat: Most tugboats are made of nylon and bearings, and there are many types of nylon. In addition, the bearing part also needs to ask what kind of bearing to use. Regular large manufacturers will choose some big brand bearings, such as: Harbin.

The above are the issues that should be paid attention to when selecting pallet Wrapping Machine. I hope that we can help you choose a cost-effective pallet packaging machine.

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