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Many Advantages of Packaging Products with Pallet Packers

Feb. 14, 2020

The pallet packing machine is also called film wrapping machine, which is to wrap a layer of wrapping film around the surface of the pallet goods. What are the advantages of using a pallet packer to pack products? The Robot Stretch Wrap Machine Supplier is here for everyone.

Tray packaging machine uses wrapping film as packaging material. As the name suggests, the pallet packing machine is a device specially used to pack pallet goods. Wrapping film for pallets can be wrapped with a pallet packaging machine. Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemical, food, beverage, building materials and other industries. It can improve logistics efficiency and reduce losses during shipment. It has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, and reduced packaging cost.

Stretch Film, also known as stretch film, is a stretchable plastic packaging material based on LLDPE. The stretch film has the characteristics of good water resistance, good self-adhesion, high shrinkage rate, and tight packing without loosening. After the wrapping machine wraps the wrapping film on the goods, it can prevent the external dust, rain, etc. from coming into direct contact with the goods in the tray, and play a role in dust and moisture. After wrapping the pallet packing machine with the film, the goods can be tightly wrapped into a whole, which not only has beautiful packaging, but also reduces the damage and collapse of the goods during storage and transportation.

It is worth mentioning that whether the wrapping film can be evenly and smoothly wrapped on the goods is an important manifestation of the performance of the tray packaging machine. The film frame motor used by the tray packaging machine is a key component affecting this performance. . The film frame motor is divided into two types: DC motor and AC motor. DC motors have fast response, soft strength, not easy to break the film, and do not generate heat, but also save power. However, due to the high cost, it is difficult to control the DC motor technology, so small factories will not use DC motors.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapping Machine

In addition to the advantages of Pallet Wrapping Machine packaging products, such as dust and moisture resistance, the more important point is the province. The province of the tray packaging machine is mainly reflected in two points: saving money and labor.

In terms of saving money, through the long-term practice of many enterprises, the use of stretch film packaging saves about 50% of the packaging cost than carton packaging.

In terms of labor saving, traditional packaging often requires a lot of labor, and the packaging time is long, and the packaging effect is neither beautiful nor compact. With a tray packaging machine, only two people can complete the packaging work of the previous five or six people. Not only has the packaging efficiency been improved, the packaging has a beautiful appearance and strong appearance, but it also greatly saves manpower and reduces labor and management costs.

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