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3 Commonly Used Packaging Machines

Feb. 28, 2020

We often say that mechanized operations save labor and use machinery well, which can increase production efficiency at high speed. In reality, the problem faced by many people is: knowing product information and specifying what kind of packaging is needed, but it is not clear which machine to choose. Pallet packaging machines are also divided into many types. The problem facing many users is: clarifying what is needed. Packaging, but it is not clear which packaging equipment to choose, today Robot Stretch Wrap Machine Supplier will introduce to you three models commonly used in pallet packaging machines.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapping Machine

1. Pallet packing machine (also known as wrapping machine)

Pallet Wrapping Machine is mainly aimed at packaging palletized products. At the same time, it can also customize the packaging requirements for special goods, such as oil drums, door panels, etc. Corresponding to the standard pallets of 1200mm * 1100mm in width, the standard disc sizes of this machine are 1650mm and 1500mm. If the pallet size is too large, you can ask the supplier to customize the chassis according to the size.

The point to pay attention to when selecting a pallet packaging machine is that the suppliers are uneven in level and the price span is large. You must pay attention to three points when selecting the machine: Is the pre-stretching motor of the film frame a DC motor and the chassis roller is a high-quality nylon? Material, whether the chassis sprocket is a 418mm, 80-tooth large sprocket, the quality of Stretch Film is guaranteed, and the equipment that can achieve these points has better quality performance.

2. Online pallet packing machine (aka online winding machine)

As the name suggests, this device is a combination of a pallet packaging machine and an assembly line. The pallet packaging machine is only used as a single machine. In order to adapt to the trend of packaging line operations, this machine came into being.

Currently on the market pallet online winding machine is divided into three categories: pallet online drum winding machine, pallet online chain winding machine, pallet online chain plate winding machine, the price is also increasing in order. The chain winding machine responds to the Sichuan-shaped structure at the bottom of the tray, because the Sichuan-shaped tray rolls on the drum winding machine when it is traveling in the Sichuan shape, but the tray cannot move. The chain plate winding machine is to solve the problem that the pallets are getting lighter and lighter, the rollers and chains cannot run the goods well, or the customer's products are more expensive. Scratching is prohibited, and a chain plate winding machine will be required.

3. Tray rocker winding machine

The principle of the pallet rocker winding machine is to rotate the cantilever around the goods, so as to realize the wrapping and wrapping of the goods. All goods that can be packed by the pallet packing machine can be wrapped with the pallet rocker winding machine series equipment, which is also an extension of the ordinary pallet packing machine. Rocker wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping lighter, taller and unstable products or overweight goods after palletizing. Low speed rocker speed is about 15rpm / m, packaging efficiency is about 20 Torr / hour; medium speed rocker speed is about 18rpm / m; packaging efficiency is about 30 Torr / hour; high speed rocker speed is about 45rpm / m. Packaging efficiency is 100 Torr /hour.

This article introduces three commonly used models of pallet packaging machines, hoping to help everyone in selecting the machine.

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